Author: Dhruvil Pandya

Blackberry Leap : Not a Technologically Advanced Leap from Blackberry

Blackberry Leap

When the world is overwhelmed from technological overdose in terms of Apple Watch, New MacBook Pro, Huawei Watch and more, Blackberry decides to silently launch their low range touch phones- Blackberry Leap. Continue reading

Five things you need to know about the New MacBook

New MacBook Gold

If you are in the closest proximity to Technology or follow Social Networking sites closely, the $10,000 Gold Apple Watch has been a sensation for all the wrong reasons and very few people have supported Apple’s decision to launch such an expensive watch which they feel was needless and will not be good for the company’s reputation. Continue reading

90’s famous Toejam and Earl are back with a bang

toejam and earl

Remembering the good old days of Toejam and Earl in the 90’s was one of the favourite past times of many teenagers of that generation who have now grown up to be the biggest fans of Xbox and PlayStations. Continue reading

Top 5 luxury smartphones that cost a fortune

vertu luxury smartphones

It is midway through the week and we are back with our favourite article, that is the top 5 of the week and this time we bring you the top 5 extremely costly, good for nothing smartphones that you should avoid buying just for the sake of it Continue reading

Toshiba Encrypted Flash Drive – Security Comes at a Steep Price

Toshiba Encrypted Flash Drive

You will agree with me on the point that data storage has progressed to another level and now you don’t worry about the storage capacity of your laptops and personal computers as you know that you are going to need a secondary storage for sure and with growing cloud based platforms. Continue reading

Happy Shopping : Facebook to launch a ‘Buy’ button

Facebook Buy Button

Facebook has a user base sprawling over 1.28 billion, which is 18 percent of the world’s population and by far the maximum user base any social media network can boast of and there is a popular saying about the internet, that when you have users you can achieve almost any feat. Continue reading

Top 5 Home Automation devices which will improve our lives

IGOO Smartlamp

We are back with the top five of the week and this time we have a list of home automation devices that will change the way we used to approach our surroundings and it will be making smart changes to our homes and make our lives easier, and better of course. Continue reading

Legacy Contact: Facebook’s way of telling Rest In Peace

legacy contact choose

Ever wondered what happens to your Social Media accounts after you die? Not really. You usually don’t think about this and old people who are about to die may or may not have social media accounts or they are not that addicted to posting every minute detail of their life. Continue reading

Manage your digital diet with QualityTime App

Manage your digital diet with QualityTime App

With the increasing use of mobile applications now manage your digital diet with QualityTime app, it is difficult to give your self some time out and stay away from your smartphone. Continue reading

Ubuntu Smartphones to be launched next week in Europe

Ubuntu Smartphones

If you hear about the latest Ubuntu Smartphone, don’t get shocked. Yes, Ubuntu smartphones have arrived and in style. Don’t be in the impression of Ubuntu being the lacklustre competitor of Windows and Mac for years, Ubuntu smartphones will change the way how we look at Ubuntu. Continue reading