Author: Dhruvil Pandya

Memoji Keyboard: Now create Emojis of your Face

Late last year we did an extensive research on the inclusion of Emojis and pictorial representations in our text messages and many ephemeral apps like Snapchat and Steven have flourished since then. Continue reading

MediaTek 361: SmartShoes for OverSmart Kids

MediaTek 361 SmartShoes

Baidu is to China what Google is to the world and when Baidu backs a project, you have to take out sometime to have a look at the product. It seems like SmartWatches arrived ages ago and now it is time to venture into SmartShoes. Continue reading

Amazon Dash : Now Buy with a Single Press of a Button

Amazon Dash button

Many technology giants fooled their followers on Social Media by announcing some weird stuff and Amazon too was considered to be playing a prank on their followers when they launched the ‘Dash’ button. Continue reading

These cool flash drives and microSD cards from SanDisk will drive you crazy

The beauty of Technology is that everyday it get’s bigger and better metaphorically but it literally gets smaller and smaller so that it doesn’t have to fit the system but to create an entire system altogether. Continue reading

5 Power Banks to keep the Juice flowing for your Devices

It is the first day of the week and like always we bring you the top 5 of the week and this time we bring you the top 5 most affordable power banks. Continue reading

What to expect from Facebook’s F8 developer conference


A few months ago, there were reports stating that the popularity of Facebook is going down and soon Facebook would fade away just like Orkut, but very few people would have imagined Facebook to bounce back and that too in a way that is beyond imaginations. Continue reading

5 Startups that were acquired recently by Technology Giants

It is Monday and like every week we have compiled the top 5 of the week and this time we take you around the world’s biggest acquisitions by Technology giants. Continue reading

WonderCube : A Small Wonder in Technology


Does your smartphone go out of juice(battery) when you need it the most? Even having a power bank everywhere with you is not likely because there are times when you have to carry light and can’t have numerous devices on you. Continue reading

Sony Walkman NW-ZX2 : To buy or not to buy?

Sony Walkman NW-ZX2

When was the last time you heard a song on your iPod or your Walkman? Yeah, the same old bulky and creepy devices that were such a rage that you couldn’t imagine a day without it. Continue reading

Wi Charge : Charge your Devices with Infrared Light


If you are a cellphone user(that is if you are human because every human , even kids nowadays have a cellphone) has faced the annoying low-battery signal and struggle to reach out to the charger. Continue reading