Author: Dhruvil Pandya

VSN Mobil V.360° : The Best Panoramic Camera

VSN V360 Camera

Ever thought what the future of Digital Images would be like? A company named VSN Mobil has launched their flagship camera V.360° and it will be shipping to the users in time for the holiday season to begin. Continue reading

Amazon Delivery Drone Gets The Much Awaited Approval of FAA

Amazon Delivery Drone

I don’t suspect a time when drones would be common and they would be used by variety of businesses like Food business, Healthcare, E-commerce and many more. The major technology giants of the world are testing their luck on Drones like Facebook, Google, Apple and now Amazon has joined the party. Continue reading

Layout from Instagram : Instagram’s Photo Collage App

Instagram layout

Millennials are doing things differently then the previous generations from education to jobs and even leisure activities have seen a drastic change. Continue reading

5 Futuristic Products From Google That Will Blow Your Mind

Google Driverless Car

It’s the first day of the week and what is better than starting the week with the top 5 segment. This time we are featuring the top five products from Google which we will be a rage in the future. Continue reading

Positives From Mark Zuckerberg’s Q/A

Positives From Mark Zuckerberg's Q/A

If you had a chance to ask the fourteenth richest person on earth a question, what would it be? Would it be about Internet? or Health? or Finance? or Education? What is something that intrigues you the most? Continue reading

Facebook Riff : Make Group Videos With Your Friends

Facebook Riff app

Facebook is going all guns blazing with all their ventures whether it is, Messenger, Facebook Payments, Drones and the last one to be added to this list is a new app named Riff. Continue reading

Hyperkin’s Smart Boy: Relive The Game Boy Experience

Hyperkin Smart Boy

Gaming has gone to a different level in the last few years with all those fancy high end gaming devices like Xbox, PS4 and now even games on Virtual Reality in Oculus Rift but you must admit that you miss your old Nintendo box, that small square piece was a source of unmatched fun in the previous years. Continue reading

Moments Case: Explore Mobile Photography Like Never Before

Moments Case

With DSLR cameras and Smartphones with premium quality cameras, our lives have become pixel perfect. I still remember the time before five years when my friend used to make fun of me because she had a 5MP camera on her touch screen Wave 2 compared to the 2MP camera on my LG Cookie. Continue reading

Sneakers: The Best iPad App To Buy Sneakers

Sneakers: The Best iPad App To Buy Sneakers

When was the last time you bought a pair of cool sneakers? How often do you buy a new pair of It? Do you have different of them for running, school, office and casual outing? Continue reading

New Chromebooks from Haier and Hisense Starts at $149

Hisense Chromebook

When the first of the Chromebooks arrived three years back, people thought of it as not such a great move as you don’t get storage capacity like your normal Notebook but little did we know that in a span of few years we are on the verge of getting to the Cloud and if it helps, in the future there will no be no such thing like a storage device as everything would be on the Cloud. Continue reading