Author: Dhruvil Pandya

Kokoon Headphone or SLEEPOPHONE

Kokoon Headphone

Sleeping is vital for a person’s personal health and wellbeing. It helps relax the muscles in our body and rejuvenates our brain cells. Continue reading



It fills me up with immense pride and pleasure that I have been given this opportunity of a write up for this special day as this time our CEO is damn busy with other commitments, not that he wasn’t busy at that time when he wrote the article for 100 days celebration but now he has a lot on his plate which I will be mentioning through the course of this article. Continue reading

Video Calling – The Latest Feature in Facebook’s Messenger App

Facebook Messenger Video Calling

Facebook Chief Executive and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg said that Messenger accounts for “more than 10% of all mobile VoIP calls globally”, and although Facebook doesn’t profit from these calls, they help in keeping Facebook at the center of its user’s communication habits.

Continue reading

Now Order Your Favourite Dominos Pizza From Your Watch, Tv and Car

Domino Pizza

As a kid, I always dreamt of having pizza all the time at unearthly hours and no matter how full I was I could never say no to a slice of pizza and slowly that I would hog the entire pizza by myself. Continue reading

Microsoft Build 2015: What To Expect From Developers Conference

Microsoft Build 2015

Microsoft has risen from technological adversity tremendously in the last year with the success of Windows 10 experience and looks like all the hard work has finally paid off for Microsoft. Continue reading

Facebook Ventures Into VOIP Calls With “Hello App”

Facebook Hello App

Phone calls from unknown numbers are annoying and sometimes scary too. Sometimes, we pick up phone calls which otherwise we wouldn’t if the caller had called from their usual number stored in our phone or blocked by us, it creates a sensitive situation and it is pretty awkward to handle such scenarios. Continue reading

Xiaomi Mi Band : Registration Starts Tomorrow

xiaomi mi band

Xiaomi is on a roll. Just a few days back the Chinese giant who created an uproar in the Indian Smartphone scenario last year, is back with a new Mi 4 Smartphone and a Smartband that costs at a meagre INR 999. Continue reading

Human iOS App : Don’t Miss Your 30 Min Daily Workout

Human iOS App

Today, I see fitness freaks all around me. We go for morning walks, cycling, running, gymming, yoga and what not. People are now getting awareness about the importance of being fit and healthy and what benefits it can reap for you if you are able to successfully test your strength each passing day. Continue reading

Twitter Places : Where Twitter Meets Foursquare

Twitter Places : Where Twitter Meets Foursquare

It seems like Twitter is really after making a revolution in what is shared on Social Media, both in terms of quality and quantity. Twitter wants the users to stay updated every moment on the Social Media and it has changed the Social Media scenario to an extent. Continue reading

Garmin Vivoactive : The Smartest Of All The SmartWatches Around

Garmin Vivoactive

Garmin has added some new products to their lineup but we are truly excited about the Vivoactive, a watch for work as well as workouts. Continue reading