Author: Dhruv Pandya

Building Instant Apps will Now be Easier – Thanks to the New Updates From Google

Last week there was news that was making rounds about Google launching some new features in order to make it easier for the developers to develop apps. The new additions will let the users build apps that can load quickly and can also be released instantly without any hassle. So the developers will be able to build smaller apps that can be downloaded even faster. The instant release of the apps will also allow the target users to try a new app without actually installing it.

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Take a Look on How Google is Remodelling Gmail and Android Security

A part that Google plays in our tech lives and the way it supports it with its several tools is huge. A large number of tech tools that we are utilizing now are provided by none other than Google. So obviously, with so much information, there comes in the responsibility to take care of the data provided by the users. Very recently, Google revealed that it is planning to revamp most used product, which is Gmail for the Android users so that it can prove to be more secure for its users.

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Some of the Major Announcements From Apple’s 2018 Conference

Since the launch of Apple’s iPhone X last year, everybody was already worried and excited about what Apple was going to launch this year, what new products and features could it bring? The wait is over. The whole year, there have been a lot of speculations about the new Apple products and features which were expected to be launched this year. Yesterday, at Steve Jobs Theatre on Apple’s campus in California, Apple officials made some of the biggest announcements of 2018.

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