Author: Bharat Mamtora

Circadia Is The First Contactless Sleep System

Circadia is the first contactless sleep system

Circadia is your personal sleep trainer with AI. It was inspired by NASA. Circadia is the world’s first solution that adjusts your internal body clock using solid state lighting technology and analysis of your sleep. Existing Sleep Trackers just track and most light therapy devices just act. Continue reading

Delux Wireless Vertical Mouse Frees You From Your Wrist Pain

Delux Wireless Vertical Mouse

There is a new Vertical Mouse available in the market, it is called the Delux Vertical Mouse. The Delux Vertical Mouse frees you from wrist pain. The vertical mouse will reduce your pain when you are the gripping mouse for a long time during your work and E-sports. Its 500 Hz and 4000 DPI will make a good connection with all computers and notebooks. Continue reading

Now you Can Actually Feel The Music With Zeppy Bluetooth Speakers

Zeppy Bluetooth Speaker

Most speakers lose significant sound quality when submerged in water. But this can be avoided when you use Zeppy. Zeppy’s flat panel membrane delivers full-bodied stereo sound with no distortion. Zeppy’s unique design and housing material transmit vibrations through the water. Continue reading

The UltraDuo Z2 Provides Solution To Driving Safety

The UltraDuo Z2

The UltraDuo Z2 is a smart dual-lens dashcam. It records video footage of the road. The videos recorded by Z2 will be solid references in the court and insurance claim. The UltraDuo Z2 is the latest generation of dual-lens dashboard camera. Continue reading

Pilot is a New Smart Earpiece Language Translator


The world’s first smart earpiece Pilot will soon be translating over 15 languages. Waverly Labs’ Pilot can already translate five spoken languages, English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, and seven written additional languages, German, Hindi, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Korean and Mandarin Chinese. Continue reading

Top 5 Smart Glasses of 2017


It has been a long time since Google Glasses were released. It might also feel like its time is almost over. Now we have a number of tech startups and companies that are launching either totally new smart glasses or refined versions of old devices. Continue reading

HomePod: The New Sound of Home

apple homepod

Apple’s HomePod is the company’s latest new gadget. It packs a smart assistant, smart home hub, and multi-room audio speaker inside an overpriced, rounded package. HomePod is a powerful speaker that sounds amazing. It adapts to wherever it’s playing. Continue reading

SonaBuds: Smallest Stereo Earbuds at An Affordable Price


US-based Dashbon has created a new set of wireless earbud headphones. They call it SonaBuds. It is the smallest and most affordable wireless earbuds with HD audio and a built-in mic for taking phone calls. Continue reading

Turn Any Place Into A Workplace With The Samsung DeX

Samsung Dex

Samsung’s new desktop dock turns the Galaxy S8 into a grab-and-go PC. It is called the Samsung DeX. Samsung DeX lets you connect your Galaxy S8/S8+ to a monitor, keyboard and mouse. This way it offers a desktop experience powered by your phone. Continue reading

Haikara: A Perfect Smartwatch for Fashion Loving People

Haikara Smartwatch

Haikara is a smartwatch reimagined. It’s all about self-expression and simplicity. It is not a watch that is overload with features. Haikara is the only watch that combines the premium feel of mechanical watches with essential digital features. Continue reading