Author: Bharat Mamtora

The Top 5 Thermostats For A Smart Home

Lyric Round

A smart thermostat is important. It only monitor and control your home’s temperature from your smartphone, PC or tablet. But it can help reduce your energy bill too. That’s because these devices can monitor temperature and humidity inside and outside your home. Continue reading

Token: Live Securely In A Digital World


Token is a new smart ring. Token allows you to do things like making payments and opening doors. You can forget about maintaining passwords now.Token manages to do all this while maintaining a level of privacy. Token cares about your identity and guards with extra layers of security. It makes use of near field communication technology. Continue reading

Android Oreo Is Almost Here And You Can Expect It On Your Phone Soon

Android Oreo

Android Oreo, that’s the official name of the next version of the OS, is now out for developers. It is said that the Android Oreo has entered the carrier testing phase for both Pixel and Nexus. So updates for the latest Nexus and Pixel devices can be seen soon. Continue reading

HP’s New Nvidia-Powered Backpack VR PC Is Coming Soon, Not For Gaming

Nvidia-Powered Backpack VR PC

There is newcomer in the most curious PC niche, which is the backpack computer. This new computer is by HP. Two months ago, HP introduced a backpack PC for virtual reality. Now it is introducing another one. But the new one isn’t meant for gamers. Continue reading

Zenfone AR: World’s First Tango-enabled And Daydream-Ready Smartphone

Zenfone AR
ASUS announced the ZenFone AR a few months ago in January at CES 2017. Since then, the company has hyped the phone up quite a bit. It has hosted several launch events and allowed attendees to spend some time with the phone. The device has just become available for pre-order now. Continue reading

S+: A Bedside Companion Which Helps With The Goal Of Improving Your Sleep


The S+ is a sleep monitor that promises to analyse and improve your bedtime. S+ is the non-contact sleep sensor. It helps you sleep better from the very first night. S+ combines a bedside sleep monitor, smartphone app and web-based app to help you track and better understand your sleeping patterns. Continue reading

GLAS: A Thermostat That Reimagines How Spaces Are Perceived And Controlled


Johnson Controls is a company known for developing space management services. It manages buildings’ ventilation and fire detection systems. This is the company that revealed a smart thermostat that comes with Cortana built in. It is called GLAS. GLAS is an innovative thermostat that kind of reimagines how spaces are understood and controlled. Continue reading

The Top 5 Fitness Trackers For Kids

Vivofit Jr

Fitness trackers are not only for adults looking to get into shape. With more than a third of children overweight or obese, an increasing number of wearables offer creative solutions to get the younger generation moving as well. These devices are designed to help your kids get fier and healthier, while making counting steps feel like a fun game. Continue reading

ORII: A Smart Ring That lets You Hear And Talk Through Your Finger

ORII- A smart ring1

ORII is the world’s first voice-powered smart ring. ORII turns your finger into a smart phone. You can make calls, send messages, set reminders, or anything else, just by touching your ear. You can do the things that Siri or Google Assistant can do for you. Continue reading

The Top 5 Tablets Of 2017 For Kids


These days everybody is connected to the internet through some way or the other. Even the kids these days have a tablet and a smartphone and they’re very well versed with using those, more than you adults. It’s not just the adults who are addicted to their smart devices, their kids are equally addicted to it, if not more. Continue reading