Author: Bharat Mamtora

Pitta: An Innovative Selfie Camera Drone for This Holiday Season


The craze for selfie will continue and it is no longer limited to the awesome front cameras of smartphones equipped with selfie shooting features. Now, a whole range of new and innovative products are coming. Continue reading

Google’s 3 New Photography Apps: Innovative Ways to Deal Mobile Photography


The smartphone camera is continuously improving and long ago they replaced the point and shoot cameras. In fact, smartphone cameras are offering now even professional DSLR grade output as well. Continue reading

Freefly Movi Smartphone Cinema Robot: Pro-level iPhone Videography Made Easy


For some years shooting film with smartphone camera has become a popular endeavour for many indie video and filmmakers. While it is not impossible anymore to shoot a complete movie with iPhone or another smartphone camera, what anyone invariably lacks at times is the stability and camera movements that are otherwise done better by movie camera and gimbals. Continue reading

Go2Sleep: A Dedicated Wearable Sleep Tracker with Lot Of Features


It is some time now that we became extremely used to all sorts of smart trackers that help us staying Fit and healthy by evaluating our day to day physical functions and natural habits. From heart rate monitoring to calorie calculators to sleep monitors, we have come a long way with these evolving range of health and fitness gadgets. Continue reading

Mobvoi TicHome Mini: The Ultimate Portable Smart Speaker System

Mobvoi TicHome Mini.jpeg

You might have had an impression that you need a Pixel phone in your pocket to take the help of Google Assistant in every walk of life, there is good news for you brought by a small portable smart speaker called TicHome Mini. It has inbuilt Google Assistant to deliver AI-powered help through voice commands in all walks of life. Continue reading

Aibo: Sony’s Robotic Dog Got a Facelift With New Look And Features


If you have already heard that Sony is coming with its robotic dog replenished and refurbished with new features, you have heard it right. The new version of Sony’s robotic dog Aibo will have the power of Artificial Intelligence in it. Continue reading

Top 5 Smart Thermometers to Use Today

nokia Thermo_

For some time now smart thermometers have become popular thanks to the clean and sanitary way of using them. Unlike traditional thermometers, sanitary napkins can be used without making contact with the mouth. Continue reading

Amazon Cloud Cam: The Smarter All-Day Security System For Your Home

Amazon Cloud Cam

For some time Amazon is continuously coming with innovative gadgets with its intelligent Alexa integrated into them. The latest addition in this list of Echo debi es is the Amazon Cloud Cam, an all-round security camera with cloud support to allow you monitor your home remotely all the time. Continue reading

The New Sonos One: Multi-Room Speakers Redefined Once More

The New Sonos One

We have heard about Sonos which has been an established brand in producing multi-room speakers. Now the new multi-room speaker introduced by the brand matches the so called sound quality with the smart digital manoeuvre of voice command and smart interaction. Continue reading

Lumo Lift: Activity and Posture Tracking Made Simple

Lumo LIft

There have been many body posture tracker that we have come across in the recent times. Each one of them has some typical features help to make your posture perfect. But the new Lumo Lift is unique and powerful in many ways. The company Continue reading