Author: Ashish Patel

Get Amazing Storage with Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive

With cloud computing revolutionizing the digital world, every enterprise, small or big, is looking to embrace this state-of-the-art technology to leverage the humongous benefits that it offers. Continue reading

Sonder Keyboard – the Make-Shift Keyboard that you Deserve

Sonder Keyboard

We had an article on our blog titled “Why E-Ink keyboards will make it big” in late December 2014, eulogizing the concept of dynamically changing keys. Continue reading

Milo – Autistic Children now have a True Robot Friend!


A robot teaching a child is a novel concept and this idea and the product based on it is gaining popularity. RoboKind, a Texas-based robotics company has designed a teaching tool to meet the needs of children suffering from autism. Continue reading

Monoprice MHD 2.0 Action Camera – Affordable and Decent is the way to go!

Monoprice MHD

The Monoprice MHD 2.0 is one of the most affordable action cameras in the market and a useful POV camera with diverse set of mounts available along with a standard tripod mount. Continue reading

Cree Connected LED Bulbs – Solid Lighting Specs in a Connected Environment

Cree Connected LED Bulbs

Cree has always been hesitant to add smart bulbs to its hot LED lineup but with the advent of the $15 Cree Connected LED, the wait is over. It boasts of lighting specs reminiscent to the Cree 4Flow LED Bulbs. You can pair it with a smart control hub and handle automated changes too.

Continue reading

Apple TV : To Be Launched At The WWDC In June

apple tv

On the list of “Things that Apple can’t do” Apple Inc. is keen on checking off every other item on this list. MacBook, check. iPhones, check. SmartWatch, check. Payments, check. Now, the second most rumoured product of the year after of course the Apple Watch is the Apple TV. Continue reading

Vector SmartWatch : 30 Day Battery Challenge

vector smartwatch

There are so many SmartWatches in the market that it is seriously difficult to keep a track of all the famous and recently launched promising brands and their watches. Have you heard about Vector SmartWatch? Continue reading

Volvorii Timeless : The Future of Footwear

Volvorii Timeless

There is no end to the list of wearables that keeps growing day by day by all types of fitness trackers, SmartWatches, Virtual Reality devices etc. and don’t be surprised but there are SmartShows coming up for people the people who always like to be on the go. Continue reading

Hooks iOS App: Stay Hooked with Latest Notifications

Hooks iOS app

With the increasing number of events and activities and events occurring around the world every now and then, it so happens that most of the times we are not aware of what is happening around even if we go in a hibernation for a few days. Continue reading

Youtube Kids : Google follows Vine to launch an app for kids

Youtube Kids : Google follows Vine to launch an app for kids

It seems like kids are having a good time and major apps and websites are not just for adults but there are standalone apps for kids. Continue reading