Author: Ashish Patel

Intel Compute Stick – The Efficient Mini Computer that is Faster than Ever!

Intel Compute Stick

A year after the original Compute Stick was launched, Intel has now announced the 2nd-gen Compute Stick with multiple enhancements. The new Compute Stick fits is now a much powerful PC that is set in a black enclosure, and can adjust to a second USB port too. Continue reading

Alcatel Onetouch to Showcase Caretime Watch along with new products at CES!

Alcatel Onetouch Caretime Watch

Alcatel has a history of a fantastic smartphones along with the acclaimed Idol 3 and Idol 3 4.7 that released last year. This year during the CES, it is planning to launch its first tablet that is based on the Windows 10 Mobile platform and expected to attract attention. Continue reading

Alto Mail – The New Email Manager by AOL

Alto Mail

Let’s see today what Alto Mail, the new mobile app of email management has to offer. The app was created by AOL and can support mails from Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and even iCloud. AOL Mail is something not many use but the support is extended to its own email engine. Continue reading

Nanoleaf Smarter Kit – Lights up with iPhone Siri!

Nanoleaf Smarter Kit

Nanoleaf, specializes in energy-efficient LED-based lights and have now introduced some innovative light bulbs that are artistic and traditional in equal measure blessed with LEDs mounted on printed circuit boards.

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Top 5 Gifts for Kids for Christmas 2015

Top 5 Gifts for Kids for Christmas 2015

It is the Christmas season again! Now the biggest worry for most is to buy the best Christmas gifts for their loved ones. Here we bring you to the best five gifts that are meant for kids for Christmas 2015. Even the adults can check them out!

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Explore Life Under-Water with OpenROV Trident Robot

OpenROV Trident Robot

Technology has opened new doors for people to enjoy and discover the impossible. With every device crafted to offer a delightful user experience, robots are helping people enjoy a new world altogether. OpenROV Trident is one of them. Continue reading

Capture your most Adventurous Escapades with Tomtom Bandit Action Camera

Tomtom Bandit Action Camera

The social networking invasion has led to the sharing of personal moments of celebration, adventure, and joy with family and friends. Continue reading

Enjoy Address Free Shipping with the Revamped and Refurbished Shyp App

Shyp App

In a fast moving world with people living busy and hectic lives, many are pressed for time. Logistics and shipping services are much sought after, creating a huge market for companies like Amazon. Continue reading

Travel Your Way Through with Xiaomi’s Ninebot Mini Segway

Xiaomi Ninebot Mini

Advances in technology are leading to the launch of several innovative devices and products that aim to improve and augment our daily lives. While smartphones have totally inundated the market, there are a gamut of other products that have the capability to enthrall us with the features they possess.

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Wove Band – The First Smartwatch that Bends

Wove Band

Smart technology is soon becoming the most important constituent in the realm of Internet of Things. Being in the midst of connected devices enables us to live a more comfortable and easy life. Continue reading