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Magic Leap One: Much Awaited AR Headset is Ultimately Coming in 2018

Magic Leap One

Magic Leap as a futuristic AR headgear has been kept in secret for years until it is announced to appear soon in 2018. The hype and buzz that continued for all this time seem finally justified with this exceptionally punk-designed headgear finally seeing the light of day.

While virtual reality headgears have become common, we still didn’t have a fully equipped augmented-reality headset, and Magic Leap One seems to be the best fit to feel that void. In the 2018 chapter of CES, it can really steal the show among few others.

What is it capable of doing?

As far as the capabilities are concerned, Magic Leap One is equally a headset, a well-equipped controller and a wearable computer. The goggles are shaped round and hold together the display, audio output and sensors for the external camera. You have a separate touchpad controller that looks. The whole system remains connected to around portable computer which by clipping to your body helps everything work. The best thing about Magic Leap One is that it is completely self-sustained and it does not require being connected to any phone or PC.

Magic Leap One camera

Much in the fashion of headsets built with mixed-reality and AR capabilities just as we have seen in the case of the Microsoft HoloLens, this AR headset is also loaded with a camera capable to track movement on a map. In fact, the goggles offer quite a few number of cameras positioned on the sides and the bridges but still now, we do not know much about how all these cameras work together to deliver field view.

Magic Leap One vs Microsoft HoloLens

Both the AR headsets share a few similarities in the way the camera sensors process field view and operate, but there are serious differences as well. From all the features and details described following initial testing, it seems Magic Leap is equipped to deliver a much more advanced 3D display with the use of light field technology and and it comes equipped with its own haptic controller. Another positive difference that gives Magic Leap a little upper hand over the HoloLens is it’s larger field view.

Mixing the virtual with real

But the biggest draw for the new Magic Leap One is its ability to scan its environments and installing holographic virtual objects in the midst of real life objects. This allows a robot to appear just as real in front of other real-life objects. This ability to create life like illusion makes Magic Leap stay ahead of other AR headsets and AR toolkits.

Magic Leap One also delivers impressive results for the persistence of objects, mapping of objects and remembering environments. It is capable with simultaneous location and mapping (SLAM) which refers to an ability of mapping the environment and remembering it with precision.

Using light field display for AR experience

Magic Leap One can be best described as the augmented reality headset that can deliver 3D holographic presentations of surrounding reality right into the real life world while always keeping the illusion of this mixed reality intact. It does this with the help of light field technology ensuring a full 3D image projection right into your retinas making it appear just like the real objects.

It is not just about fun

Magic Leap One with its never-before capability of mixing digital realities into life is not just about fun, but it is equally designed to deliver a great help for artists, fashion designers, sculptors and other creative people and engineers. By providing holographic images right in the middle of real life environment, it can help artists and engineers engaged in shaping the reality.

It is still not VR enabled

While Magic Leap One can deliver the perfect mix of the real and virtual world, but it is still not equipped to deliver specific VR experiences that we get from VR headsets. As per the industry experts, it has the ability to deliver VR experience in the future though as of now it stands as a headset that projects real life with the addition of extended holographic figures drawn from the real life environment. With Magic Leap, you still can move between virtual and real world smoothly.

In 2018, we can predict the AR and VR to mix up and deliver a more robust and sophisticated mixed reality experience beyond what we were experiencing with typical VR and AR headsets and apps. Magic Leap One seems to be a step ahead in that direction.