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Skin & Bones iOS app

How many of you have visited a historical museum at least once in your life? I bet very few and with the advent of technology and hectic work life things like going to a museum and enjoying a perfect weekend with your family has been exchanged with sleep-like-there’s-no-tomorrow long weekends and catching up with friends on a road trip.

Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum is Washington DC has a place for itself in the history books and they have taken to technology and used it amazingly well launching an iOS app named Skin and Bones, which is a must have for Museum and art lovers and people visiting the Smithsonian Natural History Museum.

What is Skin & Bones?

Skin and Bones is an iOS app for iPad and iPhones launched by the Smithsonian Museum and they provide free Wi-Fi at the museum so that you can download the app there and use it to get to know the history associated with the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC. The iOS app has an innovative way to checkout the skeletons on display at the Bone Hall of the museum.

Great things happen while viewing the 3D and the audio is too good and not to be missed out. The good thing is that you can use this app later too, to know about the lives of sea cows, bats and many other animals. You can meet the community of like minded people who study these animals and have a passion for animal museums.


The features of Skin and Bones app includes nine augmented reality experiences with 3D tracking will enhance your exhibition experience and it will open a new window to your experience at the museum. The app provides two games and other two interactive features to brush up your animal skills and provide the information presented on shows like that of Discovery or National Geographic.

There are 32 videos embedded in this app. They take you on a world tour from the deserts of the world to the coldest places on earth. One thing you should not miss on this app is the enchanting audio mix, so why not put on those fancy headphones on and indulge the experience. There are innovative captions added to various animations and videos for added fun while learning.

What is good Augmented Reality?

At the moment like we mentioned there are only two 3D digital experiences available in the app, but there are hints that more would be included soon. The technology which I just mentioned is Augmented Reality, most of you must have heard this word a lot of times but don’t have much byte on the technology. What is does well is that it superimposes a virtual world on the physical outer world. It allows you to test your boring history skills with the help of interesting games like identifying an animal by the sound it makes or recognise similar looking animals and birds. If it was possible to travel in future, Augmented Reality would be the best choice.

There is an increasing number of apps developed with the base Augmented Reality and some of the best apps are Blippar, Wikitude and Augment. These apps give hands on Augmented Reality experience and yes Skin and Bones is the perfect Augmented Reality app. If you want to discuss or know more about Augmented Reality, you can mention it in the comments below.