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YouTube Music App Red – Enjoy Unlimited Music at your Fingertips



YouTube, founded in 2005, is currently the world’s most popular video-sharing website. Being bought by Google in 2006, YouTube allows users to upload, view, and share videos including video clips, TV shows, and music videos in addition to short original videos and educational videos. While YouTube is first and foremost an online video portal, it is also the world’s second largest search engine, just a few notches behind its parent company Google, which is number one.

YouTube Music App – Capitalising on its USP

With a library of millions of videos, YouTube is also world’s largest music streaming platform, leaving the likes of Spotify and Apple way behind, when it comes to consuming songs and albums. In a bid to capitalize on its USP of being a popular music website, in November 2015, YouTube announced rolling out a new music app called YouTube Music App. While the app is free and available across Android and iOS platforms, users can enjoy a lot more if they choose the YouTube Red subscription.

Bringing Music on Fingertips

Being an app exclusively optimized for music, the YouTube Music App is fairly simple to consume; users can use the app like a standard music service, searching for artists and playing individual songs or albums. YouTube Music App boasts of a pool of about 30 million audio tracks, similar to ones available on other popular music apps. But users get to enjoy a plethora of additional music alternatives: from live concert footage to karaoke tracks with embedded lyrics to instructional videos on how to play musical instruments etc. making YouTube Music App a one-of-a-kind app in the industry.

Enjoy Unlimited Music for Free

  • Trending Music: YouTube Music App has a tab called trending that lists the most popular songs on YouTube, along with fast-rising stars, and some unknowns that the YouTube team thinks will make it big in the near future.
  • Unlimited Choices: Users can choose from an assortment of new artists, classic favorites, and everything in between. From official music videos, full albums, remixes, covers, to classic recordings and videos spanning decades.
  • Recommended Tracks: The home tab on the YouTube Music App recommends tracks based on users’ likes and preferences, displays new songs and artists that are on the rise, and lists the latest hits in the daily 40.
  • Daily playlist: While YouTube Music App does not gives users the option of creating their own playlists, it does create a daily playlist. The daily playlist combines songs the users listen to often, tracks they’ve liked in addition to new music the app thinks the user might enjoy.
  • Free Music: Although YouTube Music App allows users to search and listen to any music for free, the app does not block ads unless the user opts for the monthly subscription model.

Or Pay a Monthly Subscription

A YouTube Red subscription is available to users for a monthly fee of $9.99. With the subscription, users can not only enjoy ad-free music, but can enjoy a gamut of other additional benefits like creating personal playlists, saving a playlist for later offline playback, playing a track without loading the video or playing a clip in the background to save battery and data consumption.

Transforming the Music Space

With the launch of a dedicated music app, YouTube has fundamentally transformed the market for online streaming music. With a $10/month subscription, you can get access to the world’s biggest video library, ad free and offline and enjoy a music experience, anywhere, anytime and through any device.