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YouTube Gaming – Live Game Streaming for You!

YouTube Gaming App

YouTube, the popular video streaming service is soon going to launch YouTube Gaming, with a new dedicated app and website for video game content, built around favorite games and gamers. “From ‘Asteroids’ to ‘Zelda,’ YouTube is set to unleash 25,000 games with their own individual pages, along with channels set up by a plethora of game publishers and YouTube creators.

The Google-owned video service now focuses on importance of gaming for online video and the representatives assure that gaming will never be lost again in a sea of content.

The Youtube Gaming App-Site for Gamers

The YouTube Gaming app and site will let users subscribe to particular gaming channels and notified of livestreams too. Based on a user’s subscribed channels, there will be ample recommendations that suit your taste.

Streamers also would not require to schedule their events before time. YouTube Gaming will let streamers use DVR to rewind live broadcasts along with a streaming option with low latency to allow conversations with fans while gaming. Chat moderation will be improved as per media sources, based on user requests.

The Launch of the Biggest Live Streaming Gaming Platform and Community

YouTube’s unveiling of its gaming hub on Friday was witnessed by about four dozen professional gamers in LA. The YouTube gaming app as mentioned above will house 25,000-plus games, and related videos and live streams thus assuring the avid gamers of a robust community, improved searches, and enhanced live-streaming.

This foray creates opportunities for better targeted advertising and huge monetization with digital retail stores and original game-themed programming sponsored by YouTube. For gamers, it would be a channel to share with audiences, and find new creative collaborators for games.

The app is aligned with Twitch’s live-streaming audience too. This is surely going to be a game-changer as the entire ecosystem as a whole will be affected.

Reactions from Gamers and Elsewhere

A live-shoot was possible on YouTube before of a game but now it is easier, according to Matthew Haag, who runs OpTic Gaming with Hector Rodriguez. Click on a gaming video now is going to redirect the link to where the actual gaming is happening, which is a big improvement.

Lui Calibre, whose site has 3.5 million subscribers, believes that people have more chances of finding you and your content with the new YouTube Gaming app. He states that this move will fix videos on the spot with the refined service and a better chat moderation setup. They’re still improving upon it, but the app and site is a lot better than when it started, he says.

Emphasis on livestreams and gaming convenience

With huge emphasis centred on livestreams and convenience, one can actually plug in the TV and start the proceedings. Those who do not live stream will be sucked in practically and a new legion of fans are sure to start with it. YouTubers will love to get into livestreaming while many would like to make VOD videos. With the app and the site, people from the gaming community are sure to find people faster and promote themselves better.

The YouTube Gaming platform is set for launch soon in US and UK as legions of gaming aficionados will start building their fanbase through live-streaming options. Content producers who produce all the content inhouse will be in for a better return on effort and investment too. Twitch, which is presently the biggest gaming platform with live streaming and real-time gaming options is expected to rally around its core gamers and followers to preserve its identity from the YouTube Gaming Platform.