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After Yo and Bruh, it’s time for Cacofonixx

Cacofonixx iOS app

Time and again there comes an app which changes how people look at mobile apps. For eg mobile users, in the recent years have gone quite smart to fall for not so convincing apps. If we take an example of the iPhone app “I am Rich” which was available for download on the App Store at around $100 and had absolutely nothing but it displayed “I am Rich”. That’s it. A good enough money for absolutely nothing, it was kind of show off for Apple users, as maybe flashing Apple products here and there( not knowing why they use Apple products) was not enough. Cacofonixx lies in this category and it comes with a disclaimer that this app is strictly for fun.

After that two more apps went viral : Yo app and Bruh button app. The concept of Yo app was quite simple. There is a Yo button in the app, you just need to select the friend who you want to ping and Yo him. We all know about Bruh button right. When somebody in your group says something stupid, you hit them with the Bruh button. The same phsicality of the Bruh button, was replicated in a funny iPhone app “Bruh”, later launched for Android too. You can challenge your friends through social media and there is a 15 seconds game in which it records how many Bruhs you can register in that time frame. The developers of Bruh button app has come up with a unique concept for Cacofonixx, where the concept of Yo has been elaborated and taken to the next level.

What is Cacofonixx?

Cacofonixx is an iPhone app quite similar to the Yo app but with more sounds for the added fun. The user can log in with Facebook and get a list of all the Facebook friends using this app and then he can send a sound in the form of a push notification to any of the Facebook friend. The User Interface looks very vibrant and new age with attractive colors. Currently, there are six sounds which you can use from Bazinga, Bruh, Hodor, I am Groot, Whip and Yo.

The idea behind using these sounds is a masterpiece.The founders of this app where having a discussion for this app and one of them came up with the idea of using popular TV series dialogues or phrases which users are familiar with and can easily be associated with. Bazinga is the buzz word used by the ever so geeky Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory, Vin Diesel gave the voice “I am Groot” in the Guardians of the Galaxy” and Hodor is the innocent hulk protecting Bran Stark in the epic saga “Game of Thrones” and with the season 5 approaching, they are in for some real business. The Cacofonixx iPhone app will have in-app purchases and there is a probability that android users might soon get Cacofonixx on Google Play store as the Android app is under development.

Cacofonixx will be available for download from tomorrow. You can download the iPhone app Cacofonixx here and let us know your funny stories related to the app, we are sure you and your friends are going to love this app.