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Yahoo Answers Now has a Dedicated App, but it is only for iOS

Yahoo Answers Now

Yahoo just recently launched a native mobile app named Yahoo Answers Now. Yahoo announced this discreetly. Yahoo Answers Now is one of the web’s largest Question & Answer site which attracts millions of visitors every month. It was previously being tested under the name of Yahoo Hive. But then it was rebranded to Yahoo Answers Now early this month. Yahoo Answers Now lets you view, ask, and answer and track questions posed by the people online like it does in the web version.

Yahoo Hive Changed its Name to Yahoo Answers Now

Yahoo Hive appeared to be a reimagined version of Yahoo Answers, but operating under a different label. It is considered being Yahoo’s shot to challenge Question & Answer site Quora with a more contemporary and modern design, and easy-to-use service for posting questions and answering people’s questions.

Yahoo’s Focus on Creating Native Apps

Recently, Yahoo has been focusing on launching and updating native apps connected with its many online websites like Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Search, Yahoo News, Yahoo Weather, Yahoo Sports, eSports, Yahoo Finance and others. This is all a part of Yahoo’s strategy for making more mobile apps. Even with an uncertain future, Yahoo is still pushing a lot of its websites towards mobile. Hive was a forerunner to Yahoo Answers shift to mobile.

Yahoo Answers on your Mobile Phone

Yahoo Answers Now was just officially launched on Monday. Yahoo Answers Now is released as a quick and easy way to get answers. It is as funny as it is useful, mostly because of the unfiltered questions and answers gushing in from a diverse public on the web.

Yahoo Answers Now helps you find answers to the ‘unsearchable questions that you can’t find on the web’, which is a distinctive feature of the web service on a dedicated mobile app. Whenever you search for an answer on the internet, there’s a great possibility that you will come across Yahoo Answers Now in which a question similar to yours or the same question has been asked and answered by other people.

Yahoo Answers Now is Simple and Intuitive

Yahoo Answers Now will let you search for answers and shoot questions or queries, but with rich media like photos. The app features a homepage to keep a track of questions asked, questions answered, marked responses, and showing your followers. The app works in a simple and straightforward manner.

You can easily search for questions & answers, look up for links to include in your answers, edit your questions and answers by tapping on the triple-dot menu, edit your username & profile by tapping on the pencil icon in the “Me” tab, and tap on hyperlinks within answers to open them.

Request an Invite Code for the App

Yahoo Answers Now still seems to be in a testing phase as the users will need an invite code to use the app, but we can expect it to open for the general public in the near future. Yahoo Answers Now app is currently available for only iOS users for free, but there has been no word about an Android version of the app. You can go to the iTunes App Store and download the app and try your luck at requesting for an invite code. You can also shoot an email request to [email protected]