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WRIO Keyboard – High Speed, Precision Driven Typing Made Possible

WRIO Keyboard

Deep down we are all bored a little with the old keyboard, particular when typing on our handheld devices, right? Yes, like the devices, UIs and features keyboard has not evolved much. But, there have been an array of attempts in that regard. Most of these attempts in trying to go against the established conventions of typing actually failed to make any impression. But this time and maybe for the first time in years we are going to have a new keyboard with that can truly equip users for high speed, precision driven typing.

A small startup from Switzerland Wrio has come up with a new keyboard app for iOS and Android platform that is said to have the ability to enhance typing speed by 20 and 70 percent as compared to the standard Qwerty keyboard layout. The Wrio developers approached the typing speed problem with a new design for the keys. The hexagonal keys in an innovative finger-friendly layout can not only enhance the speed of typing but the accuracy of typing as well.

Designed for High-speed Typing

The main trick of the WRIO Keyboard is the reshaping of keys from square shapes to honeycomb-like hexagons allowing larger space for the fingertips. This reduces the chances of mistyping and enhances the typing speed to a great extent. Apart from this company also reduced the spacebar size to the size of two single-space keys and positioned it in the centre of the keyboard.

Most interesting change is the total absence of the backspace key. Instead of pressing backspace key for deleting any types text you can now just swipe right to leftwards across anywhere in the keyboard. While just a flick of this swiping action will only delete a letter, to delete a word or more you need to sustain to swipe with a slow drag back action.

From the design, it is obvious that the keyboard incorporated many elements of the gesture-based interface. For example, to restore the deleted text you can just reverse the swiping action in the opposite direction. To restore the text deleted by mistake you can perform the same swipe rightwards.

Creating more space in the keyword has been the focus of the developers of this keyword. For example, the keyword toggle key featuring a globe has been moved to a second keyboard. Most of the symbols and numbers have also been moved there. Typing the most needed punctuation marks involves rather some unwanted complexity of gesture inputs. There are just two keys that divide 8 symbols between themselves. For example, with just tapping you can type the primary symbol while both tapping and holding the key will type the second symbol, an upward swipe action over the key will serve the third symbol and a downward swipe will result in the fourth symbol.

WRIO Keyboard – Feature Rich and Value Added

  • High speed and accurate typing: Large sized keys with a hexagonal shape helps the precise movement of your fingers to reduce typos and increase typing speed. The dynamic and minimized layout are also smart enough to adjust to your typical typing preferences over time.
  • Gesture enabled typing: Just through swiping actions you can type a capital letter, delete a mistyped text or restore a text deleted by mistake and through an upward or downward swipe, you can even type a punctuation mark. The new keyboard integrates gesture based inputs to a great extent.
  • Multiple language options: The WRIO Keyboard allows you to choose from as many as 30+ languages and you can even type in multiple languages at the same time. There is also a custom user dictionary that can learn from the input languages and accordingly make predictions.
  • Very low learning curve: With so much new elements adding value to your typing experience the Keyboard is exceptionally simple in look and feel. The keyboard layout is similar to the common QWERTY keyboard and intuitive gestures are easy to learn.
  • Auto-correction: WRIO keyboard besides coming with a language-independent auto correction feature is also equipped to learn the new terms and languages and accordingly offer a correction.
  • Emojis:  To add more value to your typing experience you have 1000+ colorful emojis to allow expressing your feeling in the text.

Price & Availability

WRIO Keyboard was initially priced at $2.99 on the App Store with a limited period 40% introductory discount but now it is declared as free for the users. Considering all the pros, cons ad price attributes it can transform writing experience on Apple’s handheld devices.