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Wild Weather – The Weather App with Hand-Drawn Impressions

Wild Weather App

There are numerous weather apps that include the Doppler radar, live storm trackers, and numerous bleeps and blips too. With the slightest movement of clouds, they intimate the users about impending activity.

Now here is Wild Weather, which has less features, but incredibly good looks. Now it is such an attractive app that you are bound to check temperature and weather conditions every few minutes.

Wild Weather is an attractive weather app designed by ace designer Mark Hendriks and Studio Brun.  The hand-drawn illustrations render accurate weather forecasts although some simple stats. One can see the current temperature and location with a short interesting summary of the conditions.

Since it looks very good, it sticks to telling you the temperature and notifies the user even when there are few degrees changes in the temperature. The changing illustrations are lovely enough to warrant a poster on your home wall. Yes, they are insanely creative!

Differentiating Points for Wild Weather

  • Although there are many weather apps on the app store but it is rare to find a great minimalist app.
  • The app consists of splendid animated illustrations, with accurate weather readings.
  • Makes use of for delivering a 3-day forecast in a single swipe.
  • Details of the weather including precipitation, wind speed and direction are also provided through the app.
  • One can view multiple weather-relevant animated landscapes, temperature changing animations, location details, and a short line on the current weather.

The app is triggered with updates when it is cloudy, rainy, or even snowy. Each of the weather updates will be represented by smart animation across the wilderness.

Swiping the bottom of the screen will give you a brief summary of day’s statistics, and a three-day forecast for identifying weather conditions like rain, wind speed, and even rainfall. But although there are varied updates to the weather app here, you cannot actually change your location to view the status of some other place. There might be no specific reason for the action, other than to see some other beautiful weather animation of summer to show up on the app.

Wild Weather matches your location climate, the present timing and local weather conditions with forecasts. Most users will be using the app just for witnessing colourful landscapes and terrific hand-drawn illustrations blessed with animation.

Here is a Lowdown on the Attributes

Wild Weather

  • Hand-drawn artistic illustrations based on weather conditions.
  • Swipes for comprehensive weather information and forecasts.
  • 3-day forecast on the basis of climate conditions.
  • Animation at its best for combined weather conditions including time of day and location.
  • Today’s local weather: precipitation, wind speed and direction.
  • Short description about climate and temperature.
  • Great day and night scenes for different weather conditions.
  • Shows temperature readings in Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • Based on aggregated weather data for accuracy in predictions.

All weather apps have their particular strengths and can suit different preferences. But if you adore hand drawn art with the changing weather forecasts, then you will surely download Wild Weather.

As mentioned earlier, Wild Weather app uses for churning out weather predictions accurately and even states current forecasts in utmost clarity. The bunch of illustrations for different weather conditions are exemplary and beautiful while the animations indicating the times of the day are spot on with the design references. There is no in-depth forecast related to the app since it only sticks to its artistic side and fun illustrations for making weather updates interesting and funny.

The next update is expected to include some more hand-drawn illustrations and even the ability of the app to add more than one location to the app details.

The Wild Weather app for iOS is priced at only $1.99.