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UberEATS –Food Delivery Service in Ten Minutes!

Now every city boasts of some skylines that define the city. But it is the food that leaves a lasting impression. You will always remember the local food flavors even after you move to some other place.

UberEATS is now banking on the local flavors to deliver what you crave the most. The taxi service company is jumping the bandwagon of on-demand meal delivery service which made its debut in LA and Barcelona. The food delivery service is expected to launch soon in Chicago and New York City. Those with the Uber app in their smartphones in all the above-mentioned four cities can order food from popular and trendsetting restaurants in a matter of minutes.

Fast…Very Fast Service

The company spokespeople assured recently through tabloids that they are trying to make delivery faster and easier than before. The menus are subject to change daily although there would be something for everyone’s tastes, they say.

What’s more, some of the local food stall owners even assured that the food will be delivered in 10 minutes! Is that even possible?

In New York, the menu of the day included sandwich, Kale Caesar salad, steak sandwich, and more from varied food stalls and restaurants. The Chicago menu consisted of Pepito Torta and Carne Asada Cemita, which are the local favorites too.

The Early Response

The response to UberEATS has been positive, according to the company representatives. The service is named as UberFRESH in LA and a huge roster of restaurants are already in a deal with the service. Additionally, there is brunch service on weekends, and the delivery times are expected to be less than 10 minutes. Various hot spots are now keen to expand their marketability and reach for business.

The Process of Orders

Ordering through UberEATS is just like requesting a taxi ride through the company. One needs to follow the steps mentioned here to order food from menu of the day:

  • Slide over to EATS (the name and icon is visible only in coverage area)
  • Enter your address and pincode and then tap on VIEW MENU for that day’s menu
  • Select the number of items and tap on PLACE ORDER
  • The delivery will take place within minutes.

Expansion into New Horizons

The lunch-delivery service from Uber places the company in direct competition with Seamless, the food ordering app. Uber is trying to expand its revenue sources to all travel and logistics-related avenues so that it can make an optimum use of its brand. Also, I think it is a smart move on its part to stick to its strengths and expand on its attributes. It has been reported that the company is testing a courier service in NYC too.

Uber is already expanding its taxi service to new territories and with its alternative revenue streams, it is trying to make inroads in moving homes through Uber Movers and in bike couriers through UberRUSH, in recent years.

Along with its trials and new initiatives in different domains, Uber is coming in direct competition with several players in the market, even same-day delivery systems initiated by Amazon and Google.