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Twitter Places : Where Twitter Meets Foursquare

Twitter Places : Where Twitter Meets Foursquare

It seems like Twitter is really after making a revolution in what is shared on Social Media, both in terms of quality and quantity. Twitter wants the users to stay updated every moment on the Social Media and it has changed the Social Media scenario to an extent. When it was launched, no one could believe the 140 word theory but now it seems that 140 words are more than convenient to put across your ideas and stories to the world.

It was Twitter, who started the concept of “Trending” on Social Media and since then it was no looking back for the Social Media giant who compete day-in, day-out with Facebook for the ultimate Social domination. In search of total domination, Twitter has decided to merge more information to its platform in the form of Foursquare. Wonder how it will help their plans? Let’s take a look at what’s in store for us in the near future.

Twitter + Foursquare

Twitter had plans to merge Foursquare to their services since a long time, but recently they announced that Twitter users can now access high-quality location features embedded on Social network as it relates to Tweets. The integrated hashtags did wonders for Twitter and now you can see those hashtags on every social media. Twitter will now start using all the more important information like location data to manage tweets, events and other details that are shared through Twitter and in turn it will drive more information to and from Twitter.

Benefits of Twitter-Foursquare partnership?

The Twitter-Foursquare partnership can open new dimensions for advertising if brands can target Twitter users who visited Domino’s Pizza in the last week and by giving this data to brands, we hope to see more relevant ads in the future, thanks to this masterpiece concept born out of Twitter-Foursquare partnership.

Sometimes, your Twitter feed is filled with lots of noise and you feel a need to have proper filter on what you need to see and what you don’t. Foursquare comes to the rescue here, as the data provided by Foursquare makes tweets far more valuable to the users. Sometimes, brands neglect the need to provide proper address in their local listing, totally forgetting the fact that millions of people might be affected due to improper data. Accurate data from Foursquare would increase user base search and discovering new brands, making it easier for users to share their experiences with their friends and followers on Twitter.

In the next week, Twitter would be rolling this out to their users in 65 countries around the world so checkout the ‘Add your location’ link under the Tweet box. Twitter app users would be seeing integrations of Twitter Places soon. What do you think about this new feature from Twitter? Would it reduce the noise like it promises to do and make Twitter more fun. Only time will tell.