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Enhancing your Businesses with Twitter Dashboard

Twitter Dashboard

A powerful tool designed to help businesses connect with their customers and community, Twitter has launched a new app called Twitter Dashboard. Available in beta for those in the U.S. on both iOS and as a desktop app it lets you schedule tweets, and offers analytics regarding your social media impact.

With the dashboard, businesses can see what people are saying about them or view audience insights and have conversations that support, educate, and delight their customers. Twitter is a place for authentic interactions and Dashboard offers a single destination to get things done.

Dashboard works similarly to third-party services like Hootsuite or even Twitter-owned TweetDeck as it notifies businesses of Twitter mentions based on keywords. It even includes tips for businesses to promote themselves with clues for what content to send and how to promote positive tweets from customers. The perspective in which the app is launched is basically to focus on big business giants who can take the advantage of sophisticated tools provided by Twitter ecosystem partners.

How is it used?

Those businesses who have a difficult time creating “authentic” connections due to lack of time and resources can create a tailored feed to view tweets related to their business. It is a simple tool that facilitates the communication process for all businesses.

You can view things such as questions aimed at your business or tweets about related products, helping you engage with potential customers. It is just an attempt from Twitters side to streamline engagement for business accounts.

Salient Features of Twitter Dashboard

  • Companies can create their own feed and choose to hear more clients comments for their businesses and business sector.
  • Can easily monitor what’s being said in the industry and among their competitors.
  • It lets you schedule tweets and also provides tips, tweet ideas and suggestions on what they can share.
  • During the initial setup process, you’ll be able to select words related to your business.
  • Dashboard has a simple but useful set of filters.
  • It is enabled with a direct messaging feature for one-to-one exchanges, and an overview of your analytics performance.
  • Finally, it also includes a calendar so you can schedule tweets, aimed at power users and those with time restraints.

Usefulness of Twitter Dashboard

In today’s time, we can see a larger cult of businesses are already using other tools for managing their business insights. Using Twitter Dashboard is a simple way of onboarding businesses to be on the social platform more, especially for owners with little social media experience who might not know how to start interacting with audiences.

It keeps you engaged with your audience as the tweets at a glance offers endless opportunities for you to connect with customers and potential customers with responses that add value. It even schedules Tweets to reach your audience when you are busy doing other things.


The Twitter dashboard is available on the Web at or on iOS on the App Store. With Dashboard available both in a web and iOS version, it has given more scope to entrepreneurs to handle their business clients from all over.

Our Verdict

Twitter’s app ecosystem is starting to look a little fractured with the standard Twitter app, Tweetdeck. This, in turn, has led to stagnant user growth, and therefore Dashboard is evidently Twitter’s latest effort to streamline its core experience for users.

Twitter wants Dashboard to be the one-stop shop for all tweet-related management for businesses. It is finding ways to reinvigorate itself which includes not only boosting the confidence of advertisers but also of brands who are interested in reaching their consumers.