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Tribe App – The Future of Messaging or What?

Tribe App

Messaging is something basic, quick, and easy. It should not be crafted, designed, and edited. Tribe App is a new social app for iOS and Android and is a new competitor to Snapchat and other social messaging apps. It’s a free app with new video messaging capabilities that are easier and unique in their own way. One can send and enjoy daily conversations to each other like never before. Group chats have become quite interesting and it gives a feel like you and your friends are all in it together. With just a single tap one can send a 15-second video message. It is time saving and beautifully designed for natural conversations.

What’s so Special in this app?

Thanks to its heavy focus on video and neat design, Tribe is going head to head among other messaging apps. It has really reinvented the messaging world with a refreshing approach to messaging wherein you can share your private moments inside your innermost group of 10 friends. All your private memories are protected from outside world.

Tribe is driven by a highly experienced team of advisors who are well versed with the marketing sector of social sites. Such a team is always an asset for the firm and they have passed challenging hurdles with flair.

How does Tribe work?

Being a self-serving platform with no subscription fees, Tribe receives content at no absolute cost. It engages authentically and even understands and resonates with their tribe better than anyone else.

On which Platform does Tribe App work?

Tribe App works on both iOS and Android platforms and is built in such a way that it can be used easily everywhere to ensure consistency within all markets. It is now one of the leading apps in the App Store in 110 countries, and among the top 10 in the United States, the U.K. and India.

Salient Features of Tribe App

  • Gives a close feeling however far a person may be. One can watch and respond within minimal time.
  • It’s ideal for group chats. There is less clutter and confusion among different chats. Various threads are present for starting or continuing a chat at any single point in time.
  • The speed of sending video and vocal messages are exceptional.
  • To record and send a video, you just need to hold your finger on someone’s picture and then release it.
  • It feels more natural to send a video of yourself on Tribe and is much faster than writing a long text because it only takes a few taps.  Once you post a new video, the previous one disappears.
  • Convenient to use with a single hand. Can have multiple conversations simultaneously.
  • It has the maximum security that keeps privacy of all the private messages. No message is kept by Tribe which makes any hack impossible. So it gets additional score for is security feature. Tribe App is a vacuum-sealed app that is secured enough to use.
  • One can get rewarded for doing any activity on Tribe. This is a special feature that has been added to attract new consumers. Points are awarded for sending messages, adding a profile picture, starting new groups, and inviting friends.

The Verdict

Can Tribe succeed among other competitive social messaging apps? It’s too early to predict the success of the app against other messaging apps. There have been instances when leaks of messaging content has spelt doom for such apps. There’s a long way to go for Tribe app to unseat the giants of the messaging ecosystem in terms of actual number of app installs and usage. So wait and watch for the app to grow consistently in the coming months.