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Timeline’s Latest App will Change the way we Read News

Timeline app

Before a decade, the morning scenario of any household would be like the adults would be enjoying their morning newspaper with their cup of tea or coffee. But, soon the physical newspaper got replaced by mobile devices and tablets and today’s news have changed a lot and there is a dearth of quality news in the world. There is so much content floating around with the media too that there is no time for research too and in the end what we get served is the same old stories represented in a slightly changed format. There is no context about a particular news or a piece of content. A startup called Timeline has managed to develop an app which will change how we read or see news.

What is Timeline app?

Timeline is a just a startup aimed and one of their latest apps aims at providing deep context to a particular piece of news, providing the readers an explicit view of the story behind what happened. There is the same news in almost every newspaper and news channel, but what the users would genuinely appreciate and want to know more about is not what happened but how it happened and what is the story behind it because every other news broadcaster has already mentioned that it happened. I hope you are getting what we are trying to convey.

Features of Timeline app?

  • Get the latest news with complete Context.
  • Scroll through the history and know how the news got there.
  • Go through the important news in the timeline view.
  • Follow stories based on your liking and interests.
  • Bookmark your favourite stories.
  • View your reading history on the go.
  • Share the timeline on Social media.

What users have to say about the Timeline app?

  • “Content-wise, I’m blown away.”
  • “Timeline feels like BuzzFeed had a secret love child with the NY Times.”
  • “Every story is concise, compelling, and super-shareable.”
  • “I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that I’d quickly switch to Timeline as my primary source of news.

What we feel about the Timeline app

When you first open the Timeline app you might be under the impression that Timeline app is just another news app. There is a feed with everyday’s latest news but the headlines are quite different then the content in most of the apps, whereas in the Timeline app the title matches the content of the article and the context of the article is well explained by the app.

The Timeline app is developed by the well known incubator and a leading consulting firm ‘Axiom Zen’. The head of the Marketing and Growth Spencer Chen told that Timeline has built their own Custom Content Management system for their stories and the timelines are created by a team of 10 hand picked editors. The concept of the Timeline app is quite amazing and it works well with today’s requirements of a news providing app, or should I say Context providing app and it is the first of it’s kind. We have high hopes from Timeline and hope that it garners a great number of subscribers soon.