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Travelling all the time? The DUFL App is handy then!


In the rush of the hour, when the clock is racing past and business meeting and presentations and reports form a whirlwind on your mind, the last thing that you want to and need to worry about is your clothes! In fact, what you need, is the DUFL app.

The DUFL App is a one stop solution to all the hassles of travelling. It is a premium luxury travel service which simplifies everything from shipping to cleaning and to storing your business attire. You can term it as your own personal valet.

How this amazing app works

  1. The first thing that you’ve got to do is download the DUFL app and register with DUFL. Once you’ve done the registration, half the battle is won.
  2. Having downloaded the app, you need to simply schedule when DUFL should send you a DUFL suitcase. It’s a large suitcase, yes!
  3. Once the DUFL suitcase arrives, pick and select the clothes you typically wear for travelling and fill up the suitcase with them. Correct, the suitcase is large. You’re choice of clothing is large. And you don’t have to worry a thing about them from the moment you’ve filled up the suitcase.
  4. According to the schedule set by you through the app, DUFL comes and picks up the suitcase and delivers it to the DUFL warehouse.
  5. In the warehouse, DUFL starts it work. It will inventory, photograph, clean and store your clothes so that they are ready for the next trip you make.
  6. Again, use the app to schedule your trip. You need to mention everything in the app, from your travel date, to your destination city (and the hotel or even your brother’s address), as well as your arrival and return dates.
  7. Done with the scheduling? Now here is the fun part. Use the DUFL app virtual closet (which contains the photos of all your clothes), and select which clothes you’d like to take for this particular trip.
  8. Well, once you’ve done this, the DUFL app lets you breeze through airports luggage free, because not only has DUFL taken care of your packing, but when you arrive at your destination, your DUFL is already waiting for you!
  9. And of course, once you’re ready to head home, follow the same process using the DUFL app, schedule a pickup, affix the appropriate shipping label, leave your luggage at the hotel desk, and forget about it.
  10. Had a nice flight back home? DUFL will notify you through the app that your clothes have been cleaned and are back in your DUFL virtual closet, ready for your next trip.
  11. And we’re done!

Simplified Travelling and Secured too!

Imagine how, just by using a simple app and performing a few simple steps on the app, you have to such a tremendous extent, simplified your travelling. Imagine the precious time you have saved, the 25th hour of the day you’ve earned for yourself just by registering into the DUFL app. The peace of mind that you get from a luggage-free, hassle-free and stress-free trip, is so much worth it. Moreover, not only do you know that your clothes are being taken care of, but you are also sure of the safety of your attire. The DUFL facility offers 24/7 security with dedicated tracking and inventory systems to keep your items safe. Also, DUFL allows a lot of flexibility, letting users remove or add any piece of clothing. What’s even more unbelievable is that the DUFL app allows users to swap out clothes from their virtual closet at any time absolutely free, and can even arrange to send clothes to you overnight, thanks to that FedEx partnership.

How the DUFL App service is priced

DUFL charges only $10 a month for storage service and each bag which is sent to your destination costs $99 roundtrip which includes cleaning and repacking. If you think this expensive, then think again. Dry cleaning charges and checked bag fees would be much more costly than this dream service provided through an app.