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Sunshine App Provides Personal and Accurate Weather Forecasts

Sunshine App

The smartphone invasion has brought with it several hundred features that are transforming day to day lives. Users have an app to choose from to do each and every task in a day, from checking their emails, to posting on their favorite social-networking site, listening to music, playing a game, booking a flight or checking the weather.

Weather Apps

Weather apps provide users with current and seemingly accurate forecast of weather across the world. In today’s fast paced world, a good weather app is of great use. It helps people plan their holidays, or even know how to dress up for work on a particular day. While most weather apps function on broad, clinical weather predictions utilizing satellites, meteorological radars and expensive weather stations, the Sunshine app intends to change that.

Sunshine App Provides Precise Forecasts

Sunshine app uses sensors in a user’s smartphone to create personal, street-level weather forecasts that helps them plan their day. Sunshine app offers users a head start each morning. Users can now wake up to their very own weather forecast based on their comfort zone. It offers personalized messages asking users to dress light or carry an umbrella along, based on the forecast for the day, thereby providing users tips so as to prepare them for the day ahead.

Gets Smarter with Time

Sunshine app takes inputs from users in order to provide accurate and precise weather forecast. Since weather is what users feel and experience on the ground, user input is a crucial element of Sunshine app. With a simple tap on their phone, users can report the current local weather and contribute in making Sunshine app’s forecast all the more accurate.

Offers Social Features

Sunshine app allows users to invite their friends and create and grow their own community over the app. Each time a user invites a new member, he is rewarded with 5 points. Large icons on the Sunshine app map ensures users get to know their local community better. Spotlight integration allows users to immediately get weather overview of their saved locations in the search results.

Redefining the Weather Industry

Sunshine app has been developed by a team of passionate engineers, data scientists and designers with the aim of redefining the weather industry. By creating a network of millions of smartphone users who constantly provide weather updates, it offers an unlimited potential to better weather predictions and provide next generation, community sourced weather updates.

Available Across iOS Devices

Sunshine app version 0.3 is available across iOS devices and requires iOS 9.0 or above. It is compatible with iPhones, iPads and the iPod Touch and can be downloaded for free. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users can additionally receive weather updates directly on their home screens.

Personal Weather Forecast Using Mobile Technology

Sunshine app offers a truly personal weather forecast using the latest technology of mobile devices. Offering a breathtakingly immersive experience across iOS devices, Sunshine app offers accurate forecasts to users at their home, work and any place in between. Users can now wake up to personalized messages from their Sunshine app and have more control over their day through smart and reliable weather forecasts.Let the app know your comfort zone and get notified on how you need to dress for the day, based on your local temperature.