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Streaks app – the app that makes you happen!

streaks app

If there is any app out there which gets you addicted to becoming a habitual performer, then it is Streaks App. Zervaas Enterprises who were also behind TransitTimes+, the ultimate public transit app for USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand was behind the creation of this incredible app. It is an iOS utilities application for the iPhone and its first version was released on June 1st, 2015.

Streaks app is your own to-do list app which actually works a way around you so that you perform good habits and works together with the Health app to help you achieve your fitness goals. This app allows you to track up to six tasks you want to complete on a daily basis. Your goal then comes to building a streak of consecutive days.

The Motivational App

In order to give you that so needed extra push, the Streaks app has customizable reminder notifications. There are probably a million things you’d like to more often but lack the motivation to do so. The Streaks app fills in and nudges you whenever you’ve thought of learning a new language or just taking better care of yourself. It wants you to fulfill what you’ve always wanted to fulfill and will become that friend who takes responsibility to making it happen. At some point of time, you almost believe that this app cares!

‘Streaks App’ aids in optimizing your mental and physical health

Probably the best way to reach your goals of getting and remaining healthy is by forming healthy habits. Streaks app makes this process much more simple and helps you set goals. These goals are then broken down to form daily milestones. And these milestones will in turn become habits that will form the new, healthier, better you.

What’s the Streak process?

  • You need to choose up to six tasks which encompass your daily habits

When you are a part of the Streaks app, you first need to choose six tasks. For instance, walk the dog or practice Spanish or eat an apple or even floss your teeth.

  • Your streak is extended every time you complete a task

When you work on something every day it helps you form a new habit. Be sure to not to break the chain, or your streak will reset to zero days.

  • Certain goals can be automatically tracked with the iOS Health app

Whether you climb 5,000 steps or your heart rate needs to be monitored, your Streaks app comes to you as that responsible companion on whom you can depend. Go ahead and run those five miles and your Streaks app is keeping a track of it.

  • Set the days so you don’t break your Streak for those days which are not on your daily routine

For instance, if you walk to work (between Monday to Friday) and go to the gym (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) or even avoid junk food (Sunday to Friday), your Streak has an eye on you and helps you throughout the week to accomplish that schedule.

Streak app features

  • You have the ability to customize the app colour
  • You have hundreds of icons to choose from
  • You have customizable reminder notifications which can help you remain you on track
  • You may view your current and best Streak, as well as your completion statistics
  • When you complete your Health tasks, your Streaks automatically knows

Something about the health data

On supported devices, Streaks app reads and records your walking/running data with your permission to determine completion of your tasks. What’s more is that all the data is accessed in full accordance with the iOS app review rules set by Apple.

  • Streaks app can be downloaded now on the iTunes App Store for $4.99.