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SpeakEmoji – The Voice-to-Emoji Translator that Works Incredibly Well!


Emojis have stormed the smartphone and mobile gadget world with their funny yet insightful expressions. They have constantly added spark to conversations and chats over messaging apps. Emoji is growing to be a universal language that people all over the world can understand too.

Now one can actually speak the language and not have to type it. With SpeakEmoji, we have a voice to emoji translator that is simply building its fan base. One just has to speak into one’s phone and see words being conveyed through emoji expressions. These messages can now be shared through messaging apps like Twitter, Facebook and even its Messenger. One can even send them through normal SMS and email messages. Friends can translate emojis back into text, and reply with emoji messages.

Voice-to-text translators in general have saved on time. Now one does not have to text and drive. But can surely talk loudly while driving so that the voice to text message reaches the other person. Thanks to the new app, speaking directly into the phone would mean sending cryptic emojis to friends. And they will have to rack their brains sometimes to sort it out!

Here are some of the salient features of the innovative app:

  • Generate funny, sad, insightful and entertaining emoji messages by just speaking into your phone.
  • Share these heartfelt emoji messages on social sites like Facebook and the like.
  • Use the same emoji messages directly with normal SMS and email.
  • Create them saying some clear English words.
  • Select from multiple different accents while speaking into the phone including UK, USA & AUS.

Relevance of SpeakEmoji in Social Circles

Now is the time we admit that we are inspired by emoji. The little pictograms that were used to denote how you feel are now just becoming an entire language to convey feelings and expressions. Emojis have always accompanied actual words, and now with SpeakEmoji, one can replace our words with pictograms or emoji language.

The free app for android & iPhone mobile platforms allows users to easily speak into the microphone and each of the sentences can be used to denote with emojis only. Share results directly in text messages and on diverse social sites and even through email which makes it usable and relevant in today’s social sphere.

Trying out SpeakEmoji

Having tried most of it out, one can state that the app does have a great hang of words with different accents and makes sense of every word with a perfect emoji but one can actually find it confusing if you receive a set of emojis from someone to convey a message. One might find this part confusing.

  • Emojis would not replace words entirely, but SpeakEmoji is great to check out.
  • Recipients can get the emojis and even receive a message with a link of the entire translation.
  • They might be straightforward and even obvious but might be confusing sometimes.
  • One might find it an entertaining chore to irritate the crap out of someone just to relay a perfectly normal message.
  • Exchanging quotes can even be romantic in this sense or prank-worthy, depending on how you use it in the first place.

To Conclude,

Use SpeakEmoji for a few rounds together with friends and family and they will surely love the new way to converse. Also it can be a code between like-minded members and friends. This Christmas, try out some of the carols to sing into the app to know what emojis will be sent instead of the song. It can be a fun game for others to guess and send back emojis in reply.