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SOON – The Social Wish List that will Get you Organized!


Sometimes it’s nice to know what a certain person’s wish list can include based on what’s trending. The new Soon app makes it possible to know about wish lists of others. This passionate project was founded by two Stockholm-based people working in an agency.

Soon application was founded on 2015 in Stockholm, Sweden. Soon is a social bucket list and to-do list that helps you remember, discover and experience things that is priority in your life.

One of the founding father, Ancher founded  Most Studios, which is focused on digital design and communication meanwhile the other founder Henrik is the co-founder of Seventy, a brand agency doing strategy, design, and film for bigger companies. Now they will be focusing on Soon and move away from agency work.

Soon – The App that can Organize your Interests

Soon is the latest app that offers a much simpler way to organize your wish list, that has different categories such as books, films, restaurants etc. Tap the new globe icon in what’s hot, and get the results in a single tap. One can keep track of all the things they want to do in a mini ‘bucket list’ style app. Sometimes you tend to pop open the Notepad app on your phone and jot down the information for later and then you promptly forget about it. With this app, it gets convenient to make a to-do list. It becomes even easier to share with your colleagues and friends about what you are up to now. The idea is that by listing these sorts of items in their own dedicated space instead of using a note-taking app, it will be easier and also fun to keep a track of everything you want to do.

How does SOON App work?

Handling this app is quite easy since as soon as you hear about something you’re desperate to try, you can open the app, and add it to your wish list and within seconds the app will reveal its location. The app mentions additional information about that item, including photos, contact numbers and address for the location, and more. Afterwards, when you have completed an item, you can mark it off the list. It won’t get deleted from Soon, though, but transferred to the “past” section. It’s not just another app, which you download and don’t seem to use.

Notable Features

It will clearly help you out to lay out categories that mean ticking off things you really want to do something organized and end up getting through most of the list.

The other feature of SOON app is that it keeps you updated, helps you to follow others and see what’s on their top lists. This trending section on the app arranges these things in lists, gives you all necessary info and archives the stuff you’ve already done. With this stuff it gives social element compelling at first launch, that will show the hottest items in your own neighborhood or city that could be useful when traveling, as well.

Availability and Verdict

Using Notes is messy, that being said, as a free download, it is a little bit concerning about the app’s potential longevity. The business model of SOON could allow businesses to communicate with future customers, discover hot leads, and incentivize people to try or buy their service in the future. The company is also thinking of expanding categories to include podcasts, gaming, music and stores. There would be new categories and features to this social bucket list in coming releases.