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Enjoy Address Free Shipping with the Revamped and Refurbished Shyp App

Shyp App

In a fast moving world with people living busy and hectic lives, many are pressed for time. Logistics and shipping services are much sought after, creating a huge market for companies like Amazon. While Amazon is the front runner in the logistics market, with its enormous logistics network and talented workforce, there are many companies, small and big, that are looking to create a niche for themselves.

The All New Shyp App

After putting in efforts to revamp itself, Shyp app now incorporates a user-friendly design with features that provide a delightful shipping experience.

The new, address-free shipping feature enables recipients of shipments to have an actual relationship with the product or item being shipped.

Easy Shipping

Users can select the user they want to ship an item to, and the Shyp app then sends an employee right at their doorstep to pick up the package in less than 20 minutes. Users don’t need to leave their homes and needn’t worry about the packaging, as every shipment is professionally packed at the Shyp warehouse. Shyp app compares prices across carriers and offers the lowest price to customers.

Numerous Benefits

  • Shyp app allows users to build profiles and save addresses, creating a strong network of Shyp and non-Shyp users.
  • By simplifying the process of sending and receiving products, Shyp increases the probability of users using the service more in their daily lives.
  • Users can save multiple addresses, like their home and work addresses and simply select the address from where they want the item to be collected with the single touch of a button.
  • Even while receiving shipments, users can designate the address where they want the items to arrive.
  • Additionally, receivers of packages can now choose a specific time to receive items, rather than having to leave it at the front desk or with the neighbour.

Leaving A Rough Road Behind

When the Shyp app was initially launched, it faced a lot of roadblocks in areas surrounding branding, the design of the app and a general lack of awareness. Additionally, for a $250 million valuation, Shyp app managed to raise only $50 million, leading to a troubled start. This forced Shyp app to carry out a large amount of user research and put in concentrated effort to rebuild and redesign the app.

And Aiming for a Bright Future

Shyp app has witnessed a sizeable increase in the number of conversions from deliveries to new users. Moving forward, Shyp app aims to attract new users by sending them personalized messages and giving them the option to track the movement of their packages in real time. Bringing together more and more new users into the Shyp network can drive Shyp’s future growth, making it easier to send products and thus generate more revenue in order to reinvest in the business to continue growing.

A Dedicated Workforce

In the pursuit of rebranding itself, Shyp is looking to reinvent itself by converting all its contract workforce into full-time employees. This makes Shyp one of the very few courier companies to boast of a workforce consisting of dedicated and hardworking employees. Moreover, by putting branded vehicles in its fleet and investing in additional supervision, coaching and training, Shyp app is looking to create a wonderful Shyp experience.

Download Today

Shyp app offers services in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles and is aiming to expand to other cities soon. Shyp app is currently available for download for iOS and Android users, allowing them to send shipments anywhere in the US.