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Scratch App – Your Personal Shopping Assistant

Scratch App

The Internet has transformed lives in unimaginable ways. From letting people search for information online to booking the latest movie tickets, from shopping online to letting people plan their holidays – the Internet has made everything possible. The invasion of online shopping has taken the world by storm. With people living hectic lives, traffic snarls becoming a concern in every city and the lack of time has caused the online shopping industry to flourish.

What is Scratch App?

Shopping is an essential part of everyday lives, from having to buy groceries and vegetables to clothes and furniture. But with the Internet bursting at the seams with online shopping sites, it is becoming increasingly difficult for shoppers to find the most appropriate product online. Many-a-times shoppers do not have the time or the inclination to buy products or do not exactly know what they want. This often results in the shopper buying a product that they could find easily or not making a purchase at all. The Scratch App connects such shoppers to a large pool of shopping experts that help you find the perfect product that meets your specific requirement.

How does it Work?

  • The Scratch App is largely aimed at shoppers who are looking to purchase everyday items like clothing, home décor or gifts.
  • Shoppers can send short message services to human experts and convey their requirement.
  • The experts interact with the shoppers to understand their shopping need, their budget and the reason for their purchase.
  • By gathering the required info, Scratch is able to suggest products that best suit the shopper’s requirement and budget within 24 hours.
  • Shoppers have the freedom to ask questions and request for additional recommendations till they are not satisfied with the suggestion. Shoppers can then make their purchase directly through the Scratch App.

The Scratch App works like a shopping assistant that understands your needs and requirements through real-time interactions. Currently the Scratch App is free but by invite only. However, it is soon going to be made available on the web as well as on app stores for hand held devices.

What makes it Unique?

Built on smart technology and analytics, the Scratch App works better with time as the interactions between shoppers and the experts increases. Over time, the shopping experts are able to gauge the tastes and preferences of shoppers. Such close analysis of the shopping needs of shoppers put the experts in a better position to provide superior recommendations, thus enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Additionally, the Scratch App offers its customers with competitive prices in spite of the value added features. It offers a “Best Price Promise” that gives shoppers the freedom to return a purchased product if they find the same product at a cheaper rate online. Moreover, by gathering information from shoppers, the Scratch App has the ability to remind shoppers about upcoming birthdays or events based on the purchases made previously.

Breakthrough Funding

Many startups today are being backed by financial institutions for the impeccable services they offer and Scratch is one of them. Boston based Scratch App has recently raised $3.6 million in seed funding led by Bessemer Venture Partners, thus brightening its future.


With millions of shopping sites flourishing today, people are spoilt for choice. Differentiation is crucial; what makes one shopping site stand out from the rest is what leads to exceptional sales in the long run. And that’s precisely how the Scratch App is benefitting. By connecting busy and naïve shoppers to friendly, experienced and talented shopping experts, shoppers can now make best use of their time and money to purchase the most suitable products for themselves and their loved ones, making personalized shopping assistant apps like Scratch the future of online shopping.