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Discover Inspiring Text and Quotes with the Text Recognition Quotle App

Quotle App

Smartphones have revolutionized our daily lives. Things that were unheard of a decade ago, are now being made possible by innovations in smartphone technology. Apps have a major role to play, in transforming the way we carry out day-to-day tasks. While millions of apps are being launched around the world, only a few manage to capture the interests of a large audience. Quotle app is one of them!

Introducing Quotle App

Quotle app is a book recognition app, developed specially for book lovers.

Touted as the Instagram of book quotes, Quotle app incorporates text recognition technology that allows smartphone users to discover, save and share inspiring quotes and pieces of texts by turning the smartphone into a powerful social scanner.

How does it Work?

Quotle app converts a user’s smartphone camera into a scanner, and enables users to capture content from a book. Users can also type the content and the Quotle app will then define it and provide options to correct or edit the content. If the user likes a quote that he reads in a book, he can capture the content from his smartphone app, after which Quotle will discover the author and users can share the content on their social networking profile by adding different colours and font styles. Users can also insert the author name, title and date for the publication.

Awesome Features

  • Quotle app enables users to capture and recognize text from the smartphone camera.
  • Users can discover inspiring texts and authors by surfing through content shared by the Quotle community.
  • Users can create beautiful text cards with custom design and fonts.
  • It allows users to add information about authors and books.
  • With the share icon, users can share content on their Facebook or Twitter accounts.
  • Additionally, Quotle app also lets users archive content on the app itself or on Evernote.
  • To add a source to a quote, users can click the “add source” button and select the search input on the add source page.

Quotle Community

While Quotle app enables users to capture and publish quotes they love, it also allows users to be part of the Quotle community and browse through published quotes from other members. Users can follow other people and comment on their uploaded content. They can also search for quotes and content in the topic of their choice – from business and history to poetry and science.

App Design

The new update of Quotle app offers a great user experience and gives them the freedom to share content and authors they love. The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software automatically recognizes characters. The GoodReads API integration processes search through a massive database of books and authors. Quotle app supports content ranging from a variety of topics including science, arts, literature, philosophy, history, design and a lot more


Version 1.1 of the Quotle app was launched in October 2015 and is available for download from the Apple store for free. Users with iOS devices 7.1 or later can enjoy the vast benefits that Quotle app offers.

Final Verdict

Quotle app is ideal for book lovers who enjoy reading paper books and love sharing quotes from them. Instead of noting down favourite quotes from a book that they are reading, Quotle app enables users to save and share quotes instantly. By capturing quotes from books, users can customize and beautify the quote layout with custom designs, font sizes and colours and share them with their family and friends.