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Polaroid Swing – New App to Create Your Moving Photo in a Single Tap

Polaroid Swing App

Most of us have a digital camera with a higher megapixel capacity just inside our mobile phones. Instagram can tweak with the images in tone and color through filters at any time we wish. There are Snapchat, Flickr, and Periscope for numerous image oriented actions now. But long before all these came, we had Polaroid.

Polaroid was synonymous with instant imaging. Well, while we are almost on the verge of forgetting Polaroid, it is back with a boom with a new app that can help you create a moving photo with just a single tap on the screen.

What Exactly is Polaroid Swing?

Two British businessmen, Tommy Stadlen and Frederick Blackford, finally endeavored to make Polaroid imaging back with an iPhone app called Polaroid Swing. The app is available from this Tuesday on the Apple App Store that will offer the easiest way to capture moving photos with your iPhone. Thanks to this app the users can create 3D images that will move when you make swiping gestures on them with your fingers. The app already dubbed as a breakthrough will provide unparalleled ease in capturing 3D motion with iPhone.

A Bit of Background

Well, when it comes to the name ‘Polaroid’, these new initiatives actually has nothing to do except for the deep respect associated with the history and significance of Polaroid. The Polaroid which was invented back in 1977 as a One-Step Camera, made in 1977, is already considered one of the most influential gadgets in history and by the time it became popular within the beginning of the eighties almost 50% of US households had a Polaroid camera in their possession. Well, now that the Polaroid fad is long gone and over, still the name evokes a memory associated with breakthrough imaging technology and that is precisely why the new app has been named after Polaroid.

The Imaging Results from new Polaroid Swing

If you are really expecting something new, something utterly mind blowing in imaging results with your iPhone camera captures, this app is just the right one for you. How does it work? How do the images feel like? Ok, let us now answer these queries bubbling in your mind.

  • The brief motion clips maneuvered by this app look somewhat similar to the images captured by the iPhone 6S live photos.
  • Just move your finger over the image and it will be turned to moving the image. It is so simple.
  • It will make the Snapchat ‘Memories’ or other similar instant motion imaging options in social platforms look bleak.
  • When the user scrolls down the captured images, it somewhat looks like the tiny photographs moving in a similar way as in Harry Potter’s newspapers.
  • As you cannot grasp them just at a glance you are prompted to touch and interact with the images.
  • The entrepreneurs behind this app also came up with a new metric in order to measure the success of the new platform of Polaroid Swing. This new measure called “Pulse.” will measure the effectiveness of the ideas and images in spreading and connecting across the platform.
  • Pulse as the metrics of measuring the effectiveness of the platform will be numerically shown in the feed of the Polaroid Swing.

To Conclude,

The app seems to be the present focus of the company. But we can be optimistic about seeing a new Polaroid device anytime soon. As for the upcoming possibilities of such a move, Stadlen already hinted on that though he insisted on the priority focus concerning the new app. Well, if Polaroid Swing is closely followed by a feature rich avatar of our dear old Polaroid camera device, it can literally monopolize instant imaging once again. We are waiting for such a swing!!