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Pacemaker for Apple Devices – Your Pocket DJ


For all those who already have iTunes, there is now the Pacemaker for you to create your very own mix – and that too instantly. You love music and you have a thing about making it? The Pacemaker which is a slick new music player, allows you to create your customized DJ mixes with iTunes or Spotify. If there was ever a time when you wished to carry around your personal DJ in your pocket or wear it on your wrist, you have it now. It is similar to other apps like Stringer, yet it is the best and the easiest app to do it with.

A design to fall for…

You’ll be amazed as to how drawn you are to the Pacemaker, when you realize that it can really spice your music up for you instantly and easily. The incredibly simple and intuitive interface can be picked up by anyone even if they have never used a mixing app before. Moreover, the background colour is black so that your album creativity stands out on its own and if you make a colourful art of it, the resulting contrast is sharp and distinguishable. The app also uses colours like mint green and fuchsia text in order to indicate the song being played and the ones in queue. It’s so unique that you could never get confused. The size of the buttons are large, the touch areas generous and the entire interface is responsive and extremely user-friendly. Driving with it is awesome and convenient for what it is. Judging from screenshots, the Pacemaker looks gorgeous on both the iPhone as well as the iPad and not to forget, the Apple Watch. No matter which device you are using, chances are that you’ll fall in love with the design of the Pacemaker.

How do you use the Pacemaker? It’s simple.

The app works in two different ways. Either you use it with your music imported from iTunes or with your premium subscription of your Spotify account. There is a built-in search function which allows you to quickly browse through songs and find the one you want. However, immaterial of which music source you pick, the app gives you a whole range of playlists and collections.

  1. All you have to do is to choose the songs you wish to include in the mix from that list.
  2. If you want more, you have to tap the ones you want and then hit the ‘Mix Playlist’ button.
  3. Pacemaker will then come up with the best mix for you based on the songs you’ve chosen.

There is a playback bar on the top half of the screen which displays the track and how it crossfades into the next one, and this process brings about a dynamic experience with the mint and the fuchsia alternating. The upcoming tracks can be seen if you scroll horizontally and tapping a song pops up an ‘X’ button which gives you the delete or play options, so that you can start listening to it instantly instead of waiting. You don’t like a song? Just flick it and get rid of it from the mix ahead of time. One of the nicest touches about the Pacemaker, is that when a song transits into the next one, it combines both pieces of the album artwork.

At the center of the album artwork, there will be the ‘fx’ button which when tapped, brings up the circular menu of the different sound effects. Initial free downloads of the Pacemaker provides the option to adjust the Bass, Middle and Treble by just dragging your finger around the circle to the one you want. Several other effects are also available with the app but for those extras, in-app purchases need to be made. The full effect pack which also includes Hi-Lo, Reverb, ChopChop, 8-bit and much more, comes for $9.99.