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Pablo – The Latest Painting Video App for iPhone that is Special in Many Ways


Two companies created Pablo, the latest painting app. LightBomber, a photography company, and Imperial Creation, an app development company created the app. With their own specialties of image processing and deriving photography elements, they have made one of the best apps on their own.

Pablo is a cool new Light Painting Video App for iOS platform. It is used for long exposure photography in iPhone. This app is meant to share photos and videos by creating light art on it as part of a photography technique. The system works when a light source is focused in front of the camera where it can capture and illuminate a subject. It looks like painting in light after taking long exposure pics.

Pablo creates visual works of art through light painting started with live light painting video feature. It is the easiest way of creating some really cool effects and messages with photography.

About Painting App Technology

Painting app technology has a different process than just a standard long exposure app for your phone. This app combines a custom algorithm with Apple’s camera API that takes multiple one-second exposures to give the best result. It works on patent-pending technology and it is pretty dang impressive.

All the light paintings come to life in real time and then you are able to upload the visuals to your Pablo profile that has a feature for saving directly to your phone, which is in the works. Its photographic technique is quite unique where the exposures are made by moving a light source or object either to illuminate a subject or to shine a point of light that can make for some really creative photographs. These light painting photos and videos are really cool to look but complicated to make.

Its Working Pattern

The Light Painting video app is inbuilt with slider settings specially made to deliver light sensitivity on the images, with more exposure time, and shutter delay for better proximity. Apple’s API mandates shutter to stay open for a maximum of 1 second and it stimulates to stay open by taking multiple one second exposures and merging it into a video. You can see the content while capturing it, as opposed to a real long-exposure setting on a DSLR.

The feel of the app itself feels like Instagram where you can even explore new creators and create content. One more benefit of this app is that users can also import their existing videos into the app, transforming them into light art videos.

Then they can conveniently post the entire video to their feed within the app, with a caption and add its location before sharing them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Unique Features of Pablo

  • Pablo is introducing light painting to mobile photographers.
  • It combines a slow shutter speed with the motion of a light source to create patterns in photographs.
  • It uses a proprietary algorithm that creates a live video, with both a still.
  • It is the only dedicated light-painting app designed by professional light painters.
  • It uses technique over filters unlike shooting with a DSLR.
  • The app provides both a high-resolution video and a still photo from the footage.
  • It can also create a light painting from an existing video.
  • It also has a feature of built-in delay so users can create selfie-style light paintings.

Price & Availability

PABLO for iOS a free app developed specially for professional light painters. Right now it has been released in the Apple iTunes app store with an Android version currently in development.


With a patent pending live view camera technology and light painting features, Pablo is creating magnificent light trails all across. It is able to create light paintings by uploading existing video clips and if you are into creating interesting content on your phone, then this app is surely a good addition to your set.