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One Night – A Tailor-made App for Hospitality Business

One Night App

Booking a last-minute hotel room direct from your smartphone is a difficult task. But with the different apps available in the market, serving instant service, there is immense competition.

To curb this competition with their own reservation services, standard hotels have made the move to give loyalty points for guests who book through third-party apps. Now they have launched the One Night app, available on the iOS App Store and Google Play platforms.

Introduction to One Night

One Night is especially a booking app that provides people for the same night stay in a selected group of hotels at New York and Los Angeles. Guests will get access to some of the most intriguing hotels in each city, always at the lowest rate. One can see after 3 p.m., by logging onto the app what rooms are available for that night.

The app has an hour by hour experiential timeline and does things a bit differently. It is a new endeavor by an hotelier and therefore it’s launching its own online distribution platform. Many hotels use to manage their reservations individually and now this system is ultimately broken and all the vacant rooms are booked in the meantime.


The One Night app adopts a classic black-and-white design scheme and is similar to One Night Standard. It is designed fairly with a purpose to be on demand and has two of the standout features of the app. Especially its design and its hour-by-hour destination guide are unique and tailored for each hotel.

For a hotel business, it is compulsory to be aesthetically driven from the design side of things that complement the brand and its culture very well which is thoroughly managed by One Night.

How does it work?

The app of One Night works with just one swipe, and you get your room as per your desire. As per its concept, the One Night app is similar to HotelTonight in which its booking window opens in between 3pm to 5am. It does not let you book up to seven days out like other apps. Opening this up to other hotels has been a good business move as people get different options for staying.

One Night, which is directly owned by Standard International, will have an agreement to partner all hotels and will have direct access to their respective guest data. All the guest contact details will be passed to the hotels where they can market directly to guests and get their confirmation details to the hotel. Thus One Night app becomes a good hotel partner in between the parties.

How does it help?

By installing this app people can make last-minute hotel bookings and via this app, hotelier can increase their business. As per the stats, the bookings made via the app has increased tremendously and most of the guests were those who’d never stayed at The Standard Hotels before. This last-minute booking actually increased revenues.

Additionally, this app gives other independents more leverage in shifting their market share away from online travel agencies. There is no special cost for partner hotels to join the app. So to have an alternative like this, they do get the significant financial benefit for their business.


One Night app is available for download right now in the iTunes or iOS App Store and Google Play stores and has been launched in New York and Los Angeles only.


With the innovation of One Night App, access is not restricted to a common hotel or group thus aiding several travelers and visitors easily, thwarting the present competition of other apps.