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Once Dating App – Propelling the Era of Dating to New Heights!

Once Dating App

Several easy dating apps have been introduced in the mobile world today and there is one for each situation too. The creators of Once, the newest dating app on the block, inserts a human matchmaker and human intuition as part of the process in the digital age!

We’ve all tried going on dates with someone, hoping for a perfect match, or feel connected to somebody, anybody, or anything. Dating apps have made the process of finding a date just like scouring through multiple movies on Netflix. With new dating app, Once, the makers have insisted that the matches will be chosen for you by actual matchmakers.

Since technology has made all dating approaches digital, it is difficult to connect to people on intuition. Just ‘liking’ profiles on an app does not work in the real world.

The Dating Paradigm Unveiled!

  • The makers of Once think that their app combines real-world magic of meeting someone special in a traditional manner while keeping the approach contemporary.
  • With the human element back in the dating process, the innovator Jean Meyer believes that the app is what the world needs right now.
  • The app relies on research that reveals that the initial signs of attraction produces adrenaline, epinephrine and norepinephrine when you find someone attractive. The hormones flow through the blood, causing the heart to beat faster.
  • Founder and CEO Jean Meyer conceptualized Once to offer a personalized and real ‘slow dating’ option for the European online dating market.

The Look and Feel of Once Dating App

Once Dating app looks like Tinder but without delving into lustful symbols. Distance is the basic parameter for most dating apps but Once determines potential matches using intuition and match-making abilities of people of the real world.

Once recommends potential matches, handpicked for each and every user with the help of a real matchmaker with a stipulated time of a day to decide on whether to go forward with a date and start chatting. Now one can actually experience the feeling of being connected to someone with the heart pumping especially when one meets someone special.

Matchless Progress of Once Dating App

Once has managed to register 600,000+ users in four months and now is integrated with wearables. It works with its users, offering one match every day. Having been curated by real matchmakers, the app suggests people based on profile to those who have liked similar people or with the help of their attributes.

This feature has worked as a huge differentiator for the dating app which is now available for iPhone and Android smartphones in UK, France, and Spain.

Integration with Fitbit and Wearables

Once Dating App

With the Fitbit integration, Once users can sync their fitness tracker with the app for a glimpse at their heart rate in real-time. The app will show the heartbeat of both users at the same time that would prompt some fun between them with the help of relevant notifications.

So, Love is all you Need?

With dating apps just trying to “hook-up” digitally with search algorithms and profile compatibility measures, these artificial connections are not getting the hold of making a solid human foundation for any relationship. Finding soulmates is at once possible with the Once dating app that uses human intervention for its own benefit and the benefit of thousands of people who are looking for more than just a hook-up. Although, there is an alarming crowd of people who are interested in just hooking up, maybe apps like these can break the stereotype for something more genuine.