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Oliver NYC Rentals – An App that Makes Renting a House Easy

Oliver NYC Rentals

Moving to a new city is surely exciting. New dreams, a new way of life, new friends – making a new city home is a completely new experience, filled with joy and fun. However, one of the top most concerns of embracing a new city is to find an apartment that one can call home. While there are a lot of apartments available on rent in every major city, the lack of a streamlined process makes house hunting tedious and time consuming.

Traditional Rental Process

Hunting for a new apartment has never been easy. Most people choose to hire brokers who have a good relationship with the owners and generally provide renters with an honest opinion about the house, the facilities available and the owner himself. While brokers are of great help in finding apartments, they end up taking a huge cut from the rent, making the initial expenditure very high especially in a metro city like New York where house rents are skyrocketing. People would rather spend the broker fee in buying a new piece of furniture or a bigger apartment with a balcony.

Oliver NYC Rentals Eliminates Middlemen

As technology is making headways towards a smarter and more digital world, new and innovative apps are being launched by every company that meet the specific needs of people and make life more convenient for them.

Oliver NYC Rentals, the latest app to join the bandwagon, is aimed at making the house hunting process in New York a simple and efficient process. Oliver NYC Rentals connects renters directly with the owners, eliminating middlemen and brokers from the picture.

By gathering rent inventory directly from landlords, Oliver NYC Rentals functions as an open marketplace that connects renters and tenants with owners.

Easy to Use App

  • Oliver NYC Rentals is a unique prototype built by a team of developers that aggregates real estate inventory directly from owners’ data sources.
  • Currently available on iOS, Oliver NYC Rentals helps users rent an apartment with a simple click of a button.
  • By eliminating the middlemen, users can connect with the landlord directly and seamlessly.
  • It eradicates broker fees and real estate friction by connecting users to the apartment of their choice as quickly as possible.
  • Users can view a list of apartments and select a desired apartment.
  • Users can then straightaway pick a timeslot in the app and schedule a meeting with the owner.

The Goal Behind

Co-founder Yossi Shemesh, over a dinner with real estate developer Amir Shriki realized the need to aggregate real estate inventory that is available in the market. While there a number of other rental apps available today, all of them incorporate a revenue model that includes middlemen. The main aim behind Oliver NYC Rentals was to make the entire apartment renting process simple by eliminating brokers and agents, thus facilitating a delightful house hunting experience.

The Road Ahead

Oliver NYC Rentals has managed to raise $1 million from a group of New York real estate agents. First launched in Manhattan, Oliver NYC Rentals is currently also available in Brooklyn. With a clear vision and significant expansion plans, Oliver NYC Rentals could very well become an outstanding player in the lucrative real estate market.