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Obscura 2: A One-hand Friendly UI with Tasteful Features

Obscura 2

With all the latest smartphones featuring some of the best camera technologies, people are gradually moving from taking out their DSLRs to simply clicking pictures on their phones. The phone cameras have developed a lot in the past few years and they give you some really amazing results.

Backing up the phone cameras is the new trend of camera apps. The camera app market is booming since the last few months. You will get to see a dozen different camera apps with completely different and unique styles and working. These camera apps help people take great pictures using the phone’s camera, but these are definitely very different from your usual camera app.

Worthy of being a pro camera app contender

The reason people make use of camera apps is because they can offer features and styles that a normal camera app in a smartphone cannot do. There are different camera apps with focus on different styles of clicking pictures. VSCO, PhotoShop, Afterlight are some of the very well-known and most widely used camera apps, be it on Android or iPhone. Joining the competition is the new Obscura 2, and it is definitely a contender worthy of being in the pro camera app market.

Accessible with one thumb

Obscura 2 comes with improved pro features, a gorgeous interface, intuitive controls etc. It is designed to make it fast and easy for you to capture stunning images. The Control Wheel fits into your hand perfectly, be it a portrait or landscape mode. You will not need to fumble around trying to capture a photo while you are in a hurry, because everything on the app is accessible with one thumb. The finely tuned haptic feedback on the Obscura 2 gives the devices a sense of physicality and allows you to feel every adjustment.

Wide range of formats

Obscura 2 allows you to capture the best kind of pictures with a wide range of formats. The RAW mode captures more details and allows for a greater amount of flexibility when editing. The HEIC mode is a new image format that makes use of advanced compression for high quality files at smaller sizes. While the JPEG format, it works everywhere, you can never really go wrong with it. The Live Photo mode combines high resolution photos with video clips that bring the images to life. Lastly, the Depth mode is the one that allows you to apply exciting portrait mode effects and more.

Gorgeous filters

Obscura 2 also comes with a bunch of gorgeous filters that add style to your images. It comes with 19 included filters which are perfect for various scenes. You can unlock the Sepia filter by sharing the app with your friends. A black and white filter pack includes 8 filters. It is especially good for dealing with low light and striking architecture. While an analogue filter pack includes 7 filters. These filters help you give a cinematic look to your images.

Obscura library

With just a single swipe on the app, you can browse your library. You can apply Obscura’s gorgeous filters to images you have captured and you can then save it as an adjustment or a new copy. You can also share the image with your friends and open it in other apps. You can also quickly copy it to the clipboard, so it can be shared easily. You can also hide images that you don’t want anyone to see, you can mark images as your favourites. You can delete the images or add multiple pictures to a trash album so they can be deleted together.

Settings offered

Obscura works in your favor by offering a wide range of customization options. You can alter the effects of gesture, secondary capture formats, and also the app icon. There are other features as well on the Obscura, which you can expect from a good camera app. There features are Flash Control, Grids, Shutter Timer, Spirit Level.


Obscura doesn’t collect any information about you. So there’s nothing to share with third parties. Nothing can be hacked or leaked, because they don’t keep it. The only data they can see is the opt-in analytics that’s automatically collected by iOS.

Available for purchase

Obscura has a notification centre widget which makes it quick and easy to access the app from the lock screen. You just press firmly on the app icon on your home screen to quickly jump to one of Obscura’s features. The app is now available for just $4.99. You can also purchase additional filter packs which are just $2 each.