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Notcha: The Innovative Way to Hide The Notch of iPhone X

Notch of iPhone X

iPhone X just bowled us out with its all-screen flashy look the very moment it appeared on commercials. But soon, in the nearly zero bezel phone the topmost notch grabbed our attention. Practically, it is where the speaker and the front camera to detect Face ID are tucked in.

We readily understand the helplessness behind this little design glitch. This small shortcoming aside, iPhone X seems to take our imagination as the best offering from Apple as of now. But, do the users who shell out more than thousand dollars take this shortcoming with the same spirit? Possibly no and that is precisely why this little notch has been the subject of an innovative app called Notcha.

This little helpful app will help users to deal with this design glitch in the most innovative way possible. Yes, with Notcha on your new iPhone X you just can see this notch vanish in thin air leaving you a dark strip of bezel on top of the screen. Instead of the notch disturbing the visual appeal in the top middle of the screen, a little of bezel adding up on top of the screen seems quite alright. That is precisely we think too! So, the solution really worked nice.

What is Notcha actually?

Notcha is basically a wallpaper app like the thousand of its kind with the only difference that it is created with the express purpose of hiding the top notch over the iPhone X screen. The app offers a whole array of attractive wallpapers by using which you can easily hide the notch while giving your new iPhone X an attractive new look. Besides availing the collection of wallpapers, you can also bring your own images and photos to turn them into wallpapers with the express purpose of hiding this notch.

Not such a big deal as you thought

Do you think your Notcha can help your screen appear every time without the notch on the top? Just get on to your feet and know that Notcha works only for locked and home screen and does not work to hide the notch while using any of the apps including the Notcha itself. That is surely a big turn-off as the capability of this funny app seems to be a little over-emphasised and hyped. But still, for many notch haters among the iPhone X users, Notcha seems to be an irreplaceable choice.

It is free with in-app purchase

Notcho as an app is absolutely free to download. But in case you want to use the wallpapers from this app for any other apps, there will be watermarks. Though with a small and one time in-app purchase you can remove the watermark from all kinds of uses.

Well, there are others like Gadget Hacks that offers several notch hiding wallpapers. You can also use photoshop and make for yourself few custom wallpapers to deal with this. Though Notcha does not offer a bounty of attractive wallpapers, it allows the freedom to create your own or bring in other photos and images to turn them into your Notcha wallpaper.

How Can You Set Up Your Notcha Wallpaper?

Now that you have found this new wallpaper and notch hiding app rather satisfactory, you need to know about using your preferred wallpaper through this app. To begin with open the Photos in your iPhone X and select the image you want as wallpaper. Now just hit the ‘Share’ button and select ‘Use as Wallpaper.’ Now you will be asked about two options such as ‘Still’ or ‘Perspective’. You need to select the ‘Still’ option as it would allow the wallpaper to align with the bezel and this hides the notch. Now, hit the ‘Set’ button and select the wallpaper either for home or lock screen or both. You can also set two separate wallpapers for two screens, respectively home and lock screens.

It’s a wrap, guys!

It is so funny that you still need to see the notch appear when browsing or using any other app including photos or camera. Well, that is something you should accept about the iPhone X design and pretend that it does not really interfere much with your experience of the device.