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Nom Live App – Host Cooking Videos and Interact with Chefs Easily

Nom Live App

With the success and popularity of mobile apps, today there is an app available for everything – from fitness and lifestyle to travel and entertainment. Having information at the fingertips has led to the massive growth of the mobile app industry and leveraging on this growth is Nom Live App, an interactive video community app designed exclusively for home cooks, professional chefs and foodies who want to share their experiences in the kitchen.

Nom Live App

Nom Live is a live streaming platform where people can watch interactive cooking shows, and also host their own videos. It is the perfect place for food lovers to create, share and watch their favorite food videos in real-time. Nom Live lets users host professional cooking, creative shows, and be part of a large network of makers, creators and chefs. Available as a website and an iOS app, on Nom Live users can watch shows and share inspiration in photos, videos and GIFs.

Works on Live Streaming

While live streaming is picking up pace, it is still a relatively new technology. Nom Live works on live streaming technology, enabling people to post live videos instead of just sharing their food experiences through Facebook Photos, and Twitter feeds.

  • Nom Live allows users to learn lip-smacking recipes from their favourite chefs and interact with them as they stream live.
  • With Nom Live, users can post photos and videos of their own creations.
  • Once a user goes live, subscribers will be notified, and they can be invited to stream with the click of a button.
  • Users can collaborate with a team of creators and build their live experience.
  • They can interact live with farmers, makers, and home cooks and ask questions and get feedback from professional chefs in real-time.
  • They can also join the community of food lovers and have their show featured online.
  • With the new version upgrade, users can also view and record live shows in landscape and portrait mode.

Allows for Easy Interaction

Founded by Steve Chen, who co-founded YouTube and Vijay Karunamurthy, a YouTube engineer, Nom Live is a result of extensive research and planning. Over the years, the founders had noticed people on YouTube using the comment section to get in touch with chefs and interact with them. Chen and Karunamurthy realized that food is a big industry, with it being a major topic of conversation at many places and people talking about food as much as they were eating. This inspired them to create a platform that supports and allows for easy two-way communication between home cooks, professionals and chefs.

Available on Apple Store

Nom Live has been available for download since March 2016, and allows users to share live video of them cooking and interacting with viewers asking questions along the way. Having raised close to $4.7 million through funding, Nom Live is built around modern online trends. Nom Live is available at the Apple Store and requires iOS 9.0 or later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

For the Foodie in You

If you’ve ever taken a picture of a meal you’ve cooked or if you own and maintain your own food blog, then Nom Live is the perfect app for you. It allows you to connect with a larger like-minded audience and share insightful details with them, and also enables you to view video recipes of your chef’s favourite dishes and interact with them in real-time. Foodies, recipe enthusiasts and cooking buffs – here is your chance to master the inbuilt chef in you!