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No More Voicemail App Brings an End to Annoying Voicemail Messages

No More Voicemail App

Voicemails have played an important role in our day-to-day life, and they continue to do so even today. While voicemail facility was initially offered with landline phones, today they help us leave messages to friends who are unreachable on their mobile phones too. But voicemail boxes getting full has been a common problem with people the world over. So how does one ensure the voicemail box never gets full? With the No More Voicemail App!

A Unique Concept

The No More Voicemail App has been developed by the innovative communications mobile apps company, TelTech. Well known for their earlier apps like trapcall, VoiceRecorder and TapeACall, the makers have now come up with another innovative app. The No More Voicemail App works on a unique concept: rather than your calls eventually going to voicemail, the app makes your phone calls ring forever. This is done using the conditional call forwarding feature in smartphones that is available with major mobile carriers. With the No More Voicemail App stops, users no longer have to worry about their voicemail box becoming full. They also no longer need to check or return messages ever again.

Eliminating Voicemail

In today’s fast moving world, people have more than one way to reach each other: through texts, emails, chat apps and social media messages. In such a scenario, voicemails seem old school and unnecessary. The No More Voicemail app aims to eliminate voicemails entirely, by forwarding your calls to a phone number that rings continuously or until the caller hangs up. While there are many apps that enable call forwarding, the No More Voicemail app makes it easier for users to get rid of their voicemail functionality, without having to call their carrier or without having to choose a number where the calls will be forwarded to. Users will also have the option to deactivate the service, as the app provides a disable option at the bottom of the screen.

Easy Setup of No More Voicemail App

The No More Voicemail App is easy to setup and use. Users can follow a simple process to avail this functionality and get freedom from voicemails. After launching the app, users will be required to enter their email address and follow the instructions. By tapping a button on the app, the user can directly call a phone number to activate their call forwarding and they are good to go.

Available to Users in US

The No More Voicemail App can be downloaded for free by iOS and Android users. The app requires Android 4.0.3 and up and iOS 8.0 or later. Currently, No More Voicemail App is available only to users in the US and is not available to users with pre-paid mobile accounts. Post-paid users however can enjoy the feature as the app is supported by major US carriers, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and US Cellular.

Text Away

While voicemails have helped us deliver messages to our friends and family, they do get annoying sometimes. And with mobile carriers having no simple way to turn the feature off, users are left with no option but to continue to have voicemail boxes in their phones. With over flowing voicemail boxes and the constant frustration of having to listen and respond to each message has made people detest voicemails.  They’d rather have the caller leave them a text message, conveying whatever they wish to convey. With the No More Voicemail App, users can deactivate their voicemail box and set up the no more voicemail feature. So text away and convey important messages to your friends and family and do not worry about voicemails jamming your voicemail box.