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Napkin App: Now Design App Mockups on the go

Napkin iOS app

Designing mobile app mockups is not an easy to do task, with the clients having a different opinion, your boss might think of it differently, you think of the design differently when you are at a beautiful place or are thinking of it when you are alone. in the end it comes out totally different than all the above conditions and you can’t help it but to redo the mockups.

Do you ever notice artists drawing and sketching at coffee shops or when they are have some solitude. That is because creativity can strike you anytime and an artist must have an access to a piece of paper or a napkin to let create wonders. How awesome it would be, if there was an actual app with the same concept? Well, now there is an app called ‘Napkin’ and it allows you to create beautiful mockups instantly.

What is ’Napkin’ app?

Napkin is the latest sensational app that allows you to create quick mockups right from your iPhone, yes it is that cool. It is a lightweight user interface design tool made for mocking up quick ideas directly on your iPhone. You can add various layer types to the canvas such as: rectangles, photos from your camera roll, text, and icons.

Features of Napkin app:

Double tapping any layer reveals its own contextual controls which mirror what you would expect from other popular desktop interface design tools.For example, on rectangle layers you can edit the color, corner radius, drop shadow, and alpha. Additionally the controls for each layer allow for locking and unlocking, moving it in front or behind other layers, or simply deleting it. Having trouble with duplicating layers? This is a great feature in Napkin where you can quickly duplicate any layer by just tapping with two of your fingers.

All layers snap to a grid which you can define in the sidebar menu, therefore aligning layers in Napkin app is as easy as it sounds. When you background the app, your mock is saved and will be waiting there for you the next time you launch the app. You can make a screenshot to share your mockup.

Reviews of Napkin app:

See what some of the users have to say about Napkin:

“I’ve been looking for an app like this for a long time. And it’s awesome. Would happily pay for more features (saving mocks for future editing etc).”

“Cool, must have app for app designers”

“Napkin is my go-to-app since I have started using it and there is no way I am going back to my earlier designing days without Napkin.”

Napkin app has some great reviews to boast and it is better that you start using this gem of an app and make a decision for yourself.