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MyState App – Now you can Know When to Call Someone

MyState App

MyState wants to solve the problem for people who want to know if it’s the right time to call someone. The mobile provide a smarter contacts book wherein icons for each contact indicates their communication status.

Internet Calling helps users to indicate their ‘presence’ and availability before initiating a call but the different platforms and the presence of a phone line complicates matters and the concept has not been universal. MyState is trying to end phone tag forever.

The app wants to terminate ‘communication blindness.’ One often get a busy signal when calling people and sometimes calls cause interruption during meetings, wasting time in result. Although phones have evolved considerably, the problem has stuck. The time wasted in getting hold of a contact has been immense, which the app tries to solve.

MyState is founded by innovators and entrepreneurs like Dr. Rony Ohayon, Assaf Pney-el, and others. The company houses 20 employees at their varied offices based in Israel.

Solving a Universal Problem

This app tries to solve the problem by letting you know in advance whether your contact is available or busy. MyState will notify you if the user is on call or is busy or on DNB mode, and also intimates back if the user is available after some time.

The app will display if a contact is not online. The Android version has more tricks in its arsenal though than the iOS app since it shows up automatically if the contact is on a call, or that they have kept the phone on silent/ vibrate mode or even if their phone lacks enough juice to survive for long. The company is working on the same features for iOS mobile app too.

How does it Help?

The makers thought of the idea when the head was picking up calls which he presumed to be urgent but were not urgent, wasting his time in the process. He wished for some way to intimate contacts about his availability on a call, or a status that screamed that they can disturb him if urgent.

The mobile app works on a “smart communication platform” that lets businesses communicate with each other. The app raised $6.5 million from several private investors from US and Israel. The capital is aimed to boost the startup’s B2B business model, including integration with call centers.

The new app is restoring the phone by augmenting the numbers list with varied status updates and alerts so that one comes to know if someone’s line is busy. With the first round of funding, the company aims to enhance the app and their future innovations with aplomb.

  • The app aims to stop people from wasting energy and tries to relieve frustration from playing the phone tag, and attending to busy signals.
  • Coordinating conference calls with all available parties is now easier and without any hassle.
  • The app is based on patent-pending technology that can garner information on whether contacts are available online for calls, for texts, or not at all available.
  • The push notifications are also available if someone is available to talk so that notifications will be issued to your contact for chats.
  • The friend’s battery life as well as the time-zone of their location is intimated to so that you do not contact them at odd hours.
  • The makers are geared up to build traction based on their B2B business model for providing optimum communication to all parties involved.
  • It can also integrate with other apps like WhatsApp and also shows other communication alternatives in the form of similar apps in both the users’ smartphones.
  • The privacy settings limit the details that are shown to certain contacts while other users would not be able to see it.