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Movebubble App – Renting in London Made Easy

Movebubble App

Apps are everywhere. In every domain, offering every possible product and service. People today carry out a plethora of tasks, sitting in the comfort confines of their homes. From shopping for their monthly groceries to booking their flight tickets, from ordering food from their favourite joint to checking the latest movies online. When people are literally living their lives off their phones, why should renting companies stay far behind?

Movebubble Makes Renting Easy

In a move to make the renting scenario in London easy, Movebubble, a start-up company has launched an app that aims to provide a collaborative platform for property rental that connects landlords and renters. Founded in 2014 and having recently raised $1.1 million to total a funding of more than $3.4 million from leading investors,, the company is set to embark upon the road to success.

Lists Available Properties

  • Movebubble offers an easy to use interface, listing real-time availability of properties to rent and helps renters manage the entire rental process.
  • It aims to bring greater efficiency and transparency in the rental market by focusing more on the supply side of the rental process.
  • In the Movebubble app, renters can create their personal profiles and add information like rental history, employment status and financial situation.
  • On the other hand, landlords can upload properties giving necessary information about the place and themselves.
  • Movebubble offers curated area guides based on renters’ preferences, ensuring each renter gets what he exactly needs.
  • The Movebubble app lists more than 10,000 properties for renters to choose from.
  • Renters no longer have to call and schedule appointments with brokers or agents. They just need to pick a convenient time and the app schedules a meeting with the agent.
  • Renters can see all their viewings in one, central place, making it easy for them to manage.
  • With the specific aim of putting renters on the forefront, Movebubble allows them to share information on different areas of London and give personal feedback on different properties and agents.
  • Renters can help each other with their searches by sharing their insights and experience on properties.
  • Although currently it is not possible to actually rent a property through Movebubble, the company aims to incorporate that option shortly. Renters will soon be able to secure a property with a few clicks; they will only be required to enter their payment details to instantly rent a property.

Developed From Terrible Renting Experience

The Movebubble app was developed as a result of the founders’ personal experience with renting properties in London. Having had to deal with multiple, inefficient agents, poorly maintained properties, and annoying landlords, the founders decided to bring about a paradigm shift in the rental process. The founders of Movebubble, Aidan Rushby (CEO) and Jack Ryan (CTO) have worked hard with their team of other like-minded people to develop a solution that comes to the rescue of dissatisfied and unhappy renters.

Rent the Most Suited Property

With more than 1.9 million renters in London, finding a place to rent is a frustrating and time-consuming process. From having to contact multiple brokers, to the confusion of which area to choose for rent, along with listed properties not being available, the renting process is cumbersome, making a user-friendly renting app like Movebubble much sought after. By offering real-time availability of properties, Movebubble solves a major pain area of searching for a place to rent. Renters no longer have to face the disappointment of a property already being taken as they can view and manage properties in real-time. Movebubble app is available for download on the Apple app store as well as Google Play Store.