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Sharing Photos Safely with the Facebook Moments App

Moments App

You have embarrassing party photos which you wouldn’t want to share with anyone but those present in those pictures? Rest be sure, Facebook has come up with a solution for that. We finally have an app that is built for super-private sharing of photos – the Moments App. It’s an amazing app that helps you find such photos and share those photos of your friends using facial recognition. All you have to do is to create groups within the Moments app that sync photos of your friends and allows only those in the group to see those photos. There are also times that multiple photos are taken by different people and you have just the ones you’ve clicked. The Moments app helps with that too and enables you to get and share even those pictures you did not shoot.

Here is how it works: while going through your photo gallery if you find your Facebook friends faces, these photos are offered for private sharing. And in case you’ve got loads of photos of your best friend, you can pass them along as a bundle. Simple and speedy!

With Facebook having a history of failures with its clumsy and complicated lists and privacy settings, Facebook created the standalone Moments app designed to make micro-sharing much simpler. Unlike the main Facebook app where the main focus is on content rather than on audience, the primary goal of the Moments app is to provide a seamless and speedy sharing to selective sets of people. The current design features a grid with a number of tiles, each representing a set of close friends or family. The app is currently being tested for its functionality and bugs.

The Moments App Creates Safe Spaces

Using a more visual design, Facebook in its Moments app, creates an intensely personal platform for sharing photos to different subsets of one’s total friends list. This would definitely make the scenario more comfortable with people now actually being able to rely on something which is much more than just a tiny text-based privacy selector. It is unclear whether Moments will integrate with Facebook Groups such as Acquaintances and Close Friends, but as a standalone app, it could make posting to them really easy. Basically, the Moments app needs to feed into what isn’t there in the main Facebook app and create more specific experiences where sharing is concerned.

Trust factor in the Moments app

It seems that the Moments app will be much easier to use since it only needs the user to carve out subsets of existing connections on Facebook. Also, it is perceived to give the user the ability to pick out people from a certain group already on Facebook and share something with them on the Moments app. With this in the cards, the app holds big potential for Facebook, and even if it eventually doesn’t get a widespread popularity, the mere fact that one can more frequently share different types of content is valuable, no matter how tiny a scale.

The key element on which the business of Facebook is dependent on is trust. The more people trust Facebook and are assured that they can safely share sensitive content to specific people without others seeing it, the wider will be the sharing, the more engagement time, and the more popular will be the app.

The math is that simple. The smaller the group, the more the sharing of content, and the content chosen explicitly for a particular audience is bound to be far more interesting to that group of people than the average post. Thing is, no  matter what battle Facebook is fighting where privacy is concerned, if Moments can make our online identities prismatic, and different sets of people get to see different versions of us, I think it could be a winner.