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Microsoft Selfie App for Apple’s iOS – Splendid App for Selfie Lovers!

Microsoft Selfie App

Millions of selfies are being clicked across the world. Every spot, every corner and every place has some or the other smartphone users smiling into their camera alone or with friends. Selfies are a fad that have grown tremendously and affected every nook and corner of the globe.

Now the selfie-crazed world has a new mobile app. Microsoft has joined the selfie bandwagon with a rich app specifically for clicking selfies and also edit them with multiple enhancements. But like the Lumia Selfie, it is not going to stay in the Windows store, but surprisingly in the App Store. It is compatible with iPhones, iPads and the like.

MS is here with a Microsoft Selfie App…for Apple!

Microsoft’s newest iOS app Microsoft Selfie has incredible photo enhancing qualities including color balance, skin tone setting, and lighting for all shots taken with an iPhone and even allows the pictures to be shareable. The app is just like the Lumia Selfie, which was a self-portrait app made for Windows-based phones.

Microsoft Selfie is one of the varied ways in which the company is using machine learning for all types of regular situations. It is part of the software bundle that Microsoft released back in April. There is even an app that guess a person’s age based on his or her photo. Microsoft Selfie’s app takes into account every attribute of the individual including age, gender, skin tone, and multiple variables to adjust self-portraits with brilliant picture edits.

What Else Does it Include?

Microsoft Selfie is a comprehensive selfie app and the company has made sure that it has enough functions that can be differentiated with other apps. It includes 13 filter options that can clear noise and add other improvements, along with a flavour of periodic times or natural light changes. It is a bit like Instagram filters especially when one can press and hold on “compare” button for viewing one’s enhanced self-edit.

The app is at least not a piece of productivity software like it has been focusing for quite long. And as its name suggests it does all the functions that can enhance photo qualities and although as mentioned it is a subtle version of Lumia Selfie, Microsoft Selfie is designed keeping into account iPhones and its sensors.

  • One can manually edit the selfies and that does not require much skill other than operating the phone with the various functions.
  • The app can also add different models to the enhancements automatically that will amp up the original pic like no other.
  • The enhancements can be done just within a single click.
  • Even average photos clicked with the iPhone will become terrific portraits in seconds.
  • And the best part is that since the application supports noise reduction, and automatic exposure, one can control the light as well as the quality of the end result along with the colour theme.
  • Also, one can upload their edited pictures to Facebook, Twitter and other social sites so that they can garner praise for their perfect, albeit edited looks.

Availability and Price

Microsoft Selfie is available for free on Apple’s own App Store, and it is compatible with all types of iPhones, the iPads, and even the iPod Touch. It is packed with 56.8 megabytes, and it is not large like other apps. This will help anyone to tamper with their photos on a continual basis.