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Memoji Keyboard: Now create Emojis of your Face

Late last year we did an extensive research on the inclusion of Emojis and pictorial representations in our text messages and many ephemeral apps like Snapchat and Steven have flourished since then. Steven was one such app where all the conversations took place in the form of Emojis and it was quite fun to start with. But, there were a few drawbacks of the app that there were very few emotions in the app and maybe this was the case because the app was just wanting to explore whether people would like using this mode of communication or not and once people start using it, they can upgrade the app.

What is Memoji Keyboard?

The recently announced Memoji Keyboard has already been announced as CNet’s App of the Week. With the Memoji keyboard, you can literally converse via emojis alone and you don’t need to type long boring texts explaining every detail and the other person can understand so better and faster with the emojis that text messages turn out to be boring once you will get used to this type of texting.

With the Memoji Keyboard, you can send animated emojis of yourself to your near and dear ones. This cool iOS app is available on the App Store and it is a refreshing way to add a bit more style to your messages.

Features of Memoji Keyboard:

Once you download the app, you can make five emojis for yourself for free but after that it gets a little tricky because you will have to shell out $2.11 to unlock more templates, but I suppose it is worth it and trust me you should splurge on technology sometimes as you always are surprised by what may hit you. Nevertheless, you can change the initial five images N number of times and the app will not bat an eye. But, if you think that it is not worth your time to create new emojis overtime you need to text then you should buy this feature.

You’ll have a blast recreating classic emojis such as :-P, B-), and of course, :-D. Then, prepare to pick up the bits of brain scattered about the room as you literally blow peoples’ minds by texting them animated emojis of your face. You friends will beg you about how you created all those emojis but don’t reveal your secret.

More about Memoji keyboard:

It so happens that sometimes, some people are not game for a change and when you try and send them something new or cool they will act all grumpy. But, you should not worry because the app makers have included the regular emojis for such people who don’t spoil your funny day by over reacting on your funny emojis. The Memoji Keyboard opens new doors for communication and all in all it is a fun app to use and preferably this might be the mode of communication in the future. You never know. Why don’t you try and download the iOS app Memoji Keyboard yourself and let us know what you feel about the app in the comments below.