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Meitu – A Photo-editing App that Makes you Look Like an Anime Character


Are you tired of photo-editing apps like Prisma? There is a new photo-editing app in the market that is going viral called Meitu. Meitu is a Chinese app that promises to beautify users with a hand-drawn appearance, slimmer jawlines, tiny lips, larger eyes and fewer blemishes.

The Chinese app has been around since 2008, but it landed in the US in early January this year and already has about 430 million users outside of China. The app is going viral and has billions of users all over the world. You’ve probably seen those photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram because everyone seems to be using Meitu.

What is Meitu?

Meitu a free photo-editing app for both iOS and Android users. It uses facial recognition with augmented reality to combine your actual face with a virtual look. The meaning of Meitu is a beautiful picture. It is supposed to give your selfies a “hand-drawn look” and is described as a “one-touch Photoshop for enhancing your beauty”.

Meitu gives you the appearance of an anime – widened eyes, slimmer jaws, and all. The company behind Meitu, had a $4.5 billion initial public offering last year, makes other popular apps such as AirBrush and MakeupPlus, both of which utilize its patented technology. It’s a mix of it’s Samsung’s ‘Beauty’ selfie feature with a hint of Snapchat filters and Prisma processing thrown in for good measure.

Features for beautifying your pictures

  1. Camera: Take a photo or upload a photo from your camera roll with or without a vignette or even a blur effect enabled. You can apply one of the filters that are available like youthful, sunlit, selfie, food etc. You will also notice buttons at the top that let you access a timer, give yourself a facelift, or enable night mode.
  2. Basic tools: You can edit your pictures using basic tools like auto-enhance, frames, stickers, text, blur, a magic beauty brush, and many more things.
  3. Retouch: Using this option, you can enhance your skin, get rid of acne and wrinkles, slim down your face, add highlights, erase dark circles, and also make yourself look taller. These are the options available in Photoshop.
  4. Hand-drawn: Hand-drawn is the best thing about Meitu. Take a photo or upload one from your camera roll and select one of the beauty filters available on the camera screen. You can apply one of six effects that can change the shape of your face and eyes and even the texture of your hair. Meitu calls it a painted photo, although it looks like an anime character.
  5. Collage: This feature allows you to make a collage by selecting several photos from your camera roll. You can select one of the templates or create your own. There are options to decorate the collage.
  6. Auto beauty: The auto beauty options lets you slim your face and firm your skin.

Wrap up

The app is available on both the iOS and Android app stores, and it’s free on both platforms, so there’s no reason to not at least try it. The app has received five-star ratings till now.