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Manage your digital diet with QualityTime App

Manage your digital diet with QualityTime App

With the increasing use of mobile applications now manage your digital diet with QualityTime app, it is difficult to give your self some time out and stay away from your smartphone. Most of the times, a situation arises that your partner or your parents or some times your friends complain about you spending more time with your smartphones than with them and it is a valid point, you need to spend some time with them and it is good for a person to stay away from smartphones for a while. With these 24X7 connectivity, we are always available on one or the other platform and people from different time zones catch us and just when you decide that you are putting your smartphone aside and getting some sleep, it is almost early morning and this just repeats. What if I told you that there is an Android app which takes care of your smartphone usage. 

What is QualityTime App?

ZeroDesktop, the developers of QualityTime App previously developed an app for parents to manage their kids’ device usage and the name of the app was DinnerTime. On the lines of that idea and taking it even a step forward, gave the way to Quality Time App. It gives the user a usage timeline of a certain app and even how many times the smartphone has been unlocked in a day. Basically, it is like a diet app which makes users guilty when they eat something which they are not supposed to eat.

Features of QualityTime App:

  • It gives you daily and weekly usage timeline of your apps, more importantly the time spent on these apps and how many times it has been accessed.
  • Manages your digital diet of the apps.
  • It zooms in to hourly usage view on the date which you select.
  • Tap on any of the apps to track the usage history pattern.
  • Customise the use of the apps and track and pause it anytime.

Is there a need for QualityTime App?

With apps like QualityTime making it big in the market, the question arises that whether such an app is required or not? The developers of QualityTime app saw that there were users of DinnerTime app and not only kids, even adults were using the app like partners using it to track the timeline of their significant other and friends using to know what their friends are upto.

Sometimes, apps like these are kind of intrusive but a little intrusion in our lives is allowed when it comes to our dear ones who care about us and wants to spend some time with us. For example, a wife can customise the app in such a way that if her husband unlocks the phone more than a certain number of times, she will get a call and then she can take care of the rest.

The app will integrate a new functionality called IFTTT which will be coming out this month. For example, if you access more Facebook or Twitter it will turn your Philips Hue bulbs deep blue in colour. It can even add shame notes to your Google Calendar so that you feel ashamed about yourself and try and improve yourself.

If this constant Social Media and apps persists, I will have to soon download this app and checkout if it makes any difference and makes me calm. You too can download the QualityTime Android app for free and mention your experience in the comments section below.