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Lookout App – The Watchful Smartwatch App that Alerts you!

lookout app

Mobile security firm Lookout has introduced a practical application specifically for Apple Watch that will help you track your phone when you lose it, alerting you if you misplaced it. It can help in recovering a lost or stolen phone with the help of its last known location.

The app can trigger a “scream” on your iPhone that will issue an alert and even track your misplaced phone. If you suspect your phone has been lifted by pickpocket, this is one recourse to get back your handset. Lookout App aims to provide security to the iPhone in ways that Find my iPhone cannot.

The Smartwatch App that Looks out for your iPhone

On the smartwatch app’s home-screen, one can view a “distance visualization bar,” that will you’re your proximity from your phone so that you can trace its whereabouts. Just like the game where nearness is indicated by warm or cold, the app too displays whether you are warmer (nearer) or colder (farther) from the location of the phone. This feature is based on a Bluetooth connection, so it is good enough to find the phone within the house or some particular area.

Making the iPhone “scream” over Wi-Fi if the Bluetooth range is not sufficient, is one of the app’s best features. If the phone is lost somewhere far, then the app displays a relevant map that will trace back iPhone’s last known location. This location is traced in nearly real-time, as the backend is geared to search the iPhone’s GPS on a consistent basis. The apps that are eating into the GPS might reduce the life of the iPhone’s battery although it is not clear as to how much it would affect the performance of Lookout’s app.

One can configure the app to buzz the Apple Watch especially if the phone is out of Bluetooth range. The lost phone scenario can be handled better in this regard if you accidently leave the phone behind as you walked away.

The Vision Behind the Invention

The makers have mentioned the presence of regular employee hackathons, that have led to the app being part of the broader product roadmap. For availing the new Apple Watch app, one will have to download or update the Lookout app for iPhone, and then sync it to the Apple Watch with the phone.

The makers have also made sure that you get rid of that panicked feeling when you lose the smartphone. Lookout app is made to give its users the fighting chance to get the lost or stolen phone back.

10 Benefits of the Lookout App for Smartphone Users

  1. Map the location of your phone instantly from different devices using just a browser and even control the loud alarm even when the smartphone is kept silent.
  2. The scream features lets out a loud alarm on silent which is useful especially if it is hidden in close proximity.
  3. Signal Flare saves the device’s last known location when the phone battery is low and about to die, increasing chances of finding your phone.
  4. Check out and send your device a relevant message and even let it ring so that you can hear it if it is close enough to your location.
  5. An email with the location of the device will be sent as soon as any activity is detected in an area with the phone, which would mean it has been stolen.
  6. Losing or damaging the smartphone does not have to mean losing data within the phone. Schedule automatic backups in a secure and seamless manner.
  7. Backup contacts in the cloud that you can download at any time.
  8. Save your important photos so that you can access them from any web browser.
  9. Download data and upload the same to other device including any of the past backups.
  10. Manage your favourite Android, iOS and Kindle devices with a single Lookout account.